How do you manage your income from Fiverr?


As a freelancer, I know that my income might not always be steady. Thankfully, I have a full-time dayjob as well, but a huge part of my income is from Fiverr.

We all know that when a Gig is approved by the buyer, it takes 14 days before the money is through clearance and can be withdrawn.

Since the income can be rather unsteady for some, and because of the 14 day delay it can be difficult to manage the economy for some. I myself have sometimes withdrawn 30 USD just to afford dinner the next day. Other times I will have 1k to withdraw, and life is good. So my question to you is: how do you manage your income on Fiverr? Do you withdraw every day, once a week, once a month… And any tips for surviving the sometimes unsteady income that comes with working as a freelancer?

Personally, I follow these tips in order to manage my income properly:

  • Because of unsteady income, I always try to save up at least two months worth of income for emergencies. Unexpected bills, repairs, new parts for my computer or recording setup, or just as a buffer for a bad month. I find having that security and backup helps me sleep at night. You never know when some shit turns up.

  • Make payday a yeyday. I try to give myself a pat on the back whenever it’s that time of the month. Now, I do withdraw from Fiverr more than once a month, but I try to save up to make sure I have enough for the expenses. Still, when the day comes to enjoy the money I’ve withdrawn, I get myself some beer or red wine, a really good e-juice for my vape, and play some games. Maybe a steak dinner.

So… What are your tips to survive freelancing? I would love to hear your thoughts!


A very smart idea!

Very similar to what I do, minus the red wine.

Overall, though, I normally withdraw once per week to keep everything consistent for my taxes. I also agree that it’s important to celebrate the daily “wins” we have on Fiverr - for example, treating yourself if you receive a particularly large tip or successfully complete a large order.


We can’t all love red wine. I find myself being more creative with a glass of the red stuff, but it might just be the intoxication making be think I am. It probably is! :sweat_smile:


My expenses are very low, and I have no one to take care of apart from myself. So all of my Fiverr income goes into long-term 5-year fixed deposits in banks that give me an interest of 7-8%. The only time I used my Fiverr income was to get my house repainted in 2014.


And here I am barely surviving on weekly withdrawals while supporting a family of 6, lucky you mate :wink:


Well, at least you have a family to take care of, to talk to… that is more important.


7-8%? I want to use your bank! :sweat_smile:

Weekly withdrawls is one thing, but trying to keep it until the 1st of each month is my problem. I try, and fail. My two month buffer is the 1st commandment.


In India, bank interest rates are always high, they were 10-14% in the 1990s and 2000s…but I found out they are getting lower…it is 6% to 6.5% now. Higher the inflation, higher the bank interest rate…inflation is getting lower, so you can expect the interest rates to get lower as well.


Holy sh**… We are lucky to get a positive rate at all. Even been negative! (In the worlds richest country, no less)…


Nothing wrong with that - you can invest in the stock market. Here too, more and more people are investing in the stock market these days instead of putting money in the bank. I could have doubled my Fiverr money had I put it into mutual funds last 3 years - the Indian stock market has increased from 18k to 31k in 3 years. Poorer countries generally offer a higher interest rate, rich countries lower interest rates - basic law of economics.


In all honesty, it’s not that good. You’re always under the constant stress of having to make enough to provide for them. What happens if you can’t make the quota for the next month? What happens if your account gets deleted without any prior notice? What happens when you have to watch them suffer cause you couldn’t do it…


In your situation, I would get a steady offline job to supplement my freelance income.


I work 16 hours a day…no joke it’s almost 7 am here and I ain’t going to bed anytime soon.


I work a 7 hour day at my day-time job. 3-4 hours as a web designer, and then 2-3 hours on Fiverr (or more, depending on demand)… That’s a 14 hour day. I live in Spain, and I normally make around 4300 euros per month total. This is enough for rent, nice things etc. i’m from Norway where people earn this kind of money in a month on 7 hour days with paid vacation and free healthcare… What I like most about Fiverr is that so-called “3rd world workers” from poor countries can make a nice salary from it. But even in the rich part of the world I still work 14 hours to provide for my wife and me.

We need to win the lottery. Seriously. What a sad bunch of guys we are… But at least we are providing, right?!


Dude, don’t beat yourself about it…it is amazing that you have 6 people in your house who care for you, who depend on you. So if you got sick, you will have people watching over you. If I got sick, there is no one to take care of me. I have a mother, but she is in another city, and I certainly wouldn’t call her if I got sick. My only real life conversations are with my cook, maid, gardener, shopkeepers, waiters, baristas, bank people etc. This is no way to live, but I have made peace with my situaiton. You should make peace with your situaiton as well.


And family counts! More than money. If we can feed our family, take care of the wife, and keep the food coming, we’re doing something right in my opinion…


If I get sick I’ll be worrying about how the fudge I’m going to work! You won’t know how this feels man, it’s literally soul crushing I don’t know how people do it. This kinda responsibility is way too much. Hopefully, my big brother will get a better paying job in the next few months then I’ll finally be able to at least sleep in peace.


I’m not married…when I say family of six I mean my parents and siblings.


The job market here is of the kind “you’re sick? get your ass here or you’re fired”… I can’t stay home unless I’m puking the hell out of everyone… Family is family, man! Taking care of them is the most important thing.

The thing I’ve noticed is that the EU is parted… We have the people in suits, making 2000 euros working in a bank from 8 - 2… Then we have all the other, normal people, making 1000 euros, struggling to afford bread after rent… and the worst part is… we have it good! I feel pain on behalf of everyone who lives on a dollar a day… I recently sent all the income from a 200 USD gig to a friend in Bangladesh and he said he could feed himself for a month on that…


Damn straight he can. i could survive alone with $100 for the entire month but for family you at least need $800+
You a good friend dude