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How do you manage your sale and income?

So I searched the forum, but still haven’t found a solution…Or maybe I just haven’t gone far enough. Anyway, I’m starting to get more orders, which is great but also I’m getting lost in keeping track on everything here.

I tried to make an excel file, but still didn’t seem to work. I could keep track on order, like due day and what to deliver…by sorting (date and name); but still confused with the money.

First I thought to make a file for each month: order-due date-earned. But Fiverr took 14-15 days to clear the payment so it isn’t exactly “earned this month”, I mean what I deliver on June 20 would be cleared in July so it’s not "earned in June, and I can’t link that with the “order-due date.” I also can’t check it with the data in Fiverr revenues…

I also intend to use these money to buy some order gigs and things get more complicated.

Can you share with me how you manage your Fiverr income?

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I am sure that many rely on fiverrs secured system to write down everything.

What I am saying is that fiverr keeps track of everything, that is the beauty with fiverr.

It manages your income by sorting out every cancellation, new orders, withdrawn funds etc, it also provides you with dates.

Saying all this - I don’t track my order in a excel sheet, it’s not worth the time when you have 10 to do’s… to do.

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It confused me, for example, what is the “earned” means? I can’t seem to calculate it. I thought it was the total, but when I count all “Revenue for Order Completion” it’s 124 and my current earned is 96…

Okay, just calculated it, it’s the total minus the “cleared”. And now I’m wondering why the “cleared” doesn’t count?

Earned This Month

"Earned This Month" is the total (net) dollars of orders, by COMPLETION DATE, WITHIN A CALENDAR MONTH.

  • Not Set Delivery Date
  • Not Expected Clear Date
  • Not Cleared Date
  • Not Delivery Date

    Note: Order status can be “Cleared” or “Pending”.

Earned, not “Earned This Month” . According to their formula it’s


I’m not saying the number is wrong, I’m wondering how to count the total earn from the spread sheet bellow?