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How do you manage your time?

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been loaded with school work and unable to invest enough time on Fiverr. I head to school at the early morning, get back & finish my school work, sneak some time sending buyer requests. Back to school work again & then I find myself tired at the end of the day and unable to do any extra work. And it’s even worse when I have an order i’m working on. I either do not sleep well or I don’t finish all of my school work.

So I was thinking, how do you guys manage your time? Like for those who have 50+ orders in queue, how is that even possible? do you get enough sleep? :confused:

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@youssefkamel As a substitute teacher, I could have the same issues. However, I have the option to not book myself for 5 days a week. One thing I did was make my due dates at least 3 days out on most of my gigs. I still have one that is one day, but it is one that should not take long to finish. I answered even though I have never had 50 orders in my queue. I noticed one seller that is on the Forum quite often, has a 29-day completion date on his gigs.

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Unfortunately, most of the buyers are in need of their purchased stuff to be delivered as soon as possible :confused: I honestly barely get an order these days. So when someone is interested in my offer, I usually accept it immediately because I’ve been jobless I would say.

I’m mentioning the 50+ orders in queue sellers as i’m amazed on how they could manage all that stress. I would like to hear about how sellers normally manage their time.
Thank you @vickiespencer, maybe I should work only 5 days a week and the other two days I should focus more on school and other related work. Hopefully, I’ll be able to handle both parts without messing things up!

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Or work two days a week focusing on orders, starting on say Friday night. Doing well in school is pretty important to your future. So is sleep. :wink:


Same thing am always wondering especially in my niche (transcriber) most of the high level sellers do have 15 orders in a queue and am like how the hell is this possible cause to me having to finish any audio or video of 50 minutes is more than stressful now seeing someone doing those in multitude is insane…


One of the main things for controlling a queue for me is this:

Control the orders that you can control:
When a client contacts you, find out when they need the order. If they don’t need it done in your usual delivery time, send a custom offer and add a day or two to it. Give yourself some space so you can accept urgent orders if they come. You can always do the work quickly if you have time but by giving yourself space, you have the opportunity to do other things.

It is from this topic which might be useful in helping you control your delivery times.

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