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How do you prevent hitting 'gig dryspells'?

I just finished my last order…2 days ago. Tips on getting more orders? I’ve tried promoting with not much luck. They’re on my Facebook author page and still not getting many hits. Any other ideas?

That’s the nature of freelancing in general. Which if you were working on your own outside of Fiverr, the answers is you have to always be advertising and marketing even when you have gigs coming in so as to prevent dryspells. And/or get ahead enough at one point to have some savings in the bank for a month or two or more of expenses, so you don’t have to worry about dryspells.

Here in Fiverr it’s still the same. Do you do any other outside advertising of your Fiverr gigs anywhere else but your facebook page? Remember your friends are usually not customers so just there isn’t probably going to do much.

We’ve been told by Fiverr moderators that updating your gigs in small ways can help to keep them more visible to buyers. We’ve never seen hard data to back this up, but it’s one of the many things that we’ve done to keep business coming in.

Hi! Can anyone please let me know that what are the gig impressions? Because impressions are going down continuously and also the gig position on the fiverr main page is going down which badly effects the sales.


Impressions are the number of times your gig shows up under your category or under search results. More impressions means more number of eye balls are looking at your gig thumbnail, which translates to more clicks as well.

A couple of months ago, around my birthday, I put my gigs on vacation because we were going out of town for a week. I was getting around 10+ gigs a week and now I’m experiencing a serious drop off ever since. All the other times I’ve done that, customers have come right back. I’m just confused why this time would be so drastically different.

@jeolson it happens at times as I agree with the others, what I do when I have the off time I improve on my skills such as researching and networking with others, you never know who might be a prospective client. Best wishes.

Reply to @easymedia: I agree. Plus many of your gigs don’t have more than one photo or sample. Like the grammar worksheets, or student worksheets, why not add some actual samples into your portfolio so someone can see what you are really talking about.

I would go through all your gigs, and do a search for similar gigs and click on high rating or see what the top sellers are doing with their gigs.

Reply to @sincere18: That’s really the only other place I have them. I want to put them on my blog but I need to find a way that it doesn’t look so cluttered.

Reply to @jeolson: That happened to me too, I’m glad we have the option to pause our gigs now.

Reply to @sincere18: I definitely agree! Look at what your Top Rated competitors are doing. This is something that we still do. They’re Top Rated for a reason :smiley: