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How do YOU promo your gigs?


I just joined this shady community of launderers, black marketeers, and questionable characters :smiley:

I was wondering if any of you colorful rogues would be willing to share any tips on how you promote your Fiverr gigs (giggity). Is it just the proverbial Facebook, Twitter, etc. social media outlets? Or do you just sit back and dangle your God-given goods? When I was an indie author I learned the tough way how important self-promoting is, so would like to know if it’s really necessary here. I was looking at maybe 100 buyers a month with 3 gigs setup.

PS please go easy on this greenhorn. I know it depends greatly on what gig you offer and a lot of this is subjective! Just tell me YOUR experience and ways of promoting (if you have any). Tell me your life story too, if you’re really wired!


Gig promotion helps to get orders. I always promote my gigs in Facebook groups and fiverr forum. I have my own 2 Facebook groups and I pinned my gigs in these groups.

Also,I added a gig to promote links in Facebook. You may interest with my gig. Please check out it.


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Ah…seems like a lot of social media is needed to be successful like that^ then. I never got into social media and it has been a real Achilles heel. I haven’t had time yet to promo myself but luckily someone was willing to use my services and gave me my first review :slight_smile:

Are hashtags only for Twitter?

mastershare, how does your gig work exactly? You have 2 million FB followers?

I do absolutely no promotion whatsoever and I’m getting more orders than I can handle. Try dangling the goods. Worked for me. <-- (so totally not as dirty as it sounds)

There’s a new one. How do you promote? I dangle the goods! :slight_smile:

Hi there,

Social media is one way, but there are others. I started on Fiverr in the middle of January and have already completed 77 orders with a further 12 in my to-do list. I’ve given a detailed strategy on how I achieved this - and also what my future plans are here -

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I hope that helps!

Warm regards,



I was looking for the same answer and the solution I found is to promote yourself on Social Media and Forums. But since this is a forum, I might as well promote myself(:

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I promote my gigs using fragglesrock!! seems to work well =)

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I promote my gigs on Twitter only. My following is targeted though so each time I post I get some retweets and favorites. I don’t use Fiverr as a full time income though. If I did I would definitely incorporate some more methods.

I started promoting my gigs on Facebook and I had my first couple of orders through there almost 10 days after launching my fiverr account and fan page, so I can say this may help you at least at start.

However, I found it easy to promote my gigs to clients who have placed orders on my services, either upon receiving an order, during delivery or while I’d been working on their active orders (I usually discuss with my clients on a regular basis.That way, I can recognise what their extra needs are and suggest my services accordingly).

I’m not saying this will mandatorily work for others, but it has worked very well for me (25 days on fiverr, received my very first orders like 15 days ago and ever since I’ve completed 61 orders and have an extra 14 in my to-do list).Try to keep this discreet, not over-pushing the client to place an order right here, right now but do not forget to explain HOW your other gigs would help them TODAY!

So, just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Best of Luck