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How do you promote your gigs

Hello freelancers! :smiley:
How do you promote your gigs? Which legal way?
Can you please suggest me some authentic procedure?

Thank you.


Strategically. :wink:

There are many legal ways to promote your gigs. First, however, you need to understand your target market. Once you know what they need, want, and relate to, then you can figure out how to connect to that market, and where those customers can be found.

There are no one-answer-fits-all marketing solutions. Each gig/service is different, and has a different target market. Know your market, and you’ll know how to connect to them.


There is no procedure or standard. Know your audience and create content they want to see. Don’t post your gigs repeatedly in social media.

The forum is helpful for insights, but you’re using it to try to avoid researching how marketing works and that isn’t going to help you. I encourage you to learn the principles. There are many resources out there.

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