How do you promote your gigs?


Hey all!

I am a relatively new Fiverr seller and I was just wondering what sort of strategies you all have for promoting your gigs? I’m specializing in lists. I currently have 2 fashion related lists (one is a ton of websites that specialize in pin up styled clothing, the second is a list of cheap trendy clothing sites) and one best surveys that pay list.

I posted the one on pinterest but haven’t had many bites. I also made a few craigslist ads which helped me get one sale. Any other advice? Twitter was a flop as was Facebook.



Have you created a website for your gigs yet? Drive some traffic there, mainly from search engines and then they are taken to your fiverr gigs from there. You could also try adding a video to your gigs and adjust the tags further.

Also keep creating more gigs, and make them unique. That way you don’t have to promote them, buyers will come without it too! :slight_smile: