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How do you promote?

Hello there! I started Fiverr in the last couple of weeks and I have built my portfolio of services. I can offer the following gigs:

:heart::broken_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Relationship Advice: For as low as $5 I can provide you with full in-depth advice on how to navigate a relationship and if you have any issues that are unorthodox, I am fully comfortable to chat with you about this so that you can live happier and in a safer environment.
:writing_hand::desktop_computer: Editing Articles: I edit and create articles; my clients have different needs for SEO and writing purposes so pending on what you need, I will tailor this service.
:desktop_computer::writing_hand: Resume Building: Everyone needs a job! As a business professional, I know what goes on a good resume and what needs to be taken out of a bad one. Take a chance on me and I’ll guarantee that I produce a top tier resume.
:camera::camera_flash: Editing Pictures: As someone who loves Instagram, I love editing pictures to make a pop of colour stronger or to make something unique.
:writing_hand: Designing Flyers: Businesses are constantly looking for creative flyers and posters to advertise what they need. I am available to do small to big projects, anything that you would need, I can do!

I have gotten a couple of gigs but not a lot – how do you all promote yours?


Hello, you can share the link of your GIG through social networks, as long as you do not spam.

You could also send buyer requests daily so you can get more visits in your GIG.


I often only see 1-2 buyer requests that are irrelevant to my gigs, any tips on how to improve that?

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I could not tell you very well what could help more to promote your GIG to many more potential buyers, but I think one of the best ways is to optimize your GIG in the best way, use the correct keywords and tags, so you can position yourself better, guide your competence and see how you can improve your concerts even more.


What is definitely not a good way is to advertise your service here on the forum in comments.

I saw you left couple of comments suggesting people to contact you to enchance their gig images.

It’s not allowed with forum rules, you can advertise your service only here in my fiverr gig category

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My apologies! I took down the one comment that wasn’t from the in my fiverr gigs discussion channel. Thank you for flagging!

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