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How do you receive large files from buyers?


Hi guys. I’m a graphic artist and new on fiverr and I’ve searched everywhere for an answer to this supposed to be basic question but haven’t really found an accurate one. I don’t know if there’s still somewhere I haven’t searched but I hope someone will be able to help me here. My question - how can buyers send you files in large quantities (ie 20 to 100 jpeg photos) upon their placing their order? I see that buyers can attach images in the Requirements but the whole section can only accommodate up to 10 requirements and what if they need to send more? I also read that it’s not allowed to give out your email (which probably includes your Dropbox account) so I’m guessing you can’t include your email in the Requirements section either? Hope someone can help me with this and thanks.


You can use dropbox or google docs without the use of providing your email.


So with Dropbox I’ll just have to set up a shared folder and ask for the buyer’s email instead, right? Or is there another way? Thanks for the help!


no need to ask for emails.
you can ask the buyer to upload them on dropbox/ box/ google drive/ onedrive. then they’ll select to share the folder, which will generate a link to that. then they can just send you the link and you can download from there. you won’t even require an account on those services.


Thank you very much for this really helpful response! Haven’t really been able to explore all features of Dropbox and I learned that just now. Will be doing that now. Thanks heaps! :+1:


Exactly like @munimbinsalim said!


happy to help :slight_smile: