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How do you reinvest in your fiverr "business" effectively?


I made my first sale and got pretty excited, but it stayed with this one sale.
I offer proofreading and article writing, but I don’t really know how to promote my gigs properly.
Now with the 16$ I earned, how could I “invest” it? Promotion gigs?
I don’t really think that i could make a video for my gigs, since it is just proofreading.
I really appreciate any advice and tips!

You can just promote your gig outside Fiverr. You can give it a search in uncle Google looking for Writers’ blogs and contact them offering your services. I think this really works as many writers don’t like to bother with proofreading and always would like someone to handle that for them.

Also, don’t forget to use facebook groups and twitter to promote your gig. But in facebook, you have to post the link to your gig in relevant groups to your field.

I hope this helps and wish you all the best !!

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