How do you remind a buyer that forgot about you?


Sounds depressing, but its not ! :smiley:

My questions is as follows:

There are many times where I spoke to clients for some time agreeing on prices and discussing the project. After the conversations, days pass and there client has yet to reply or send over what was asked from here before.

How can I politely remind a buyer about our long conversation, and continue to move forward to the sale ?


If it’s been 24 hours, just sent a message and be polite. What holds up my inquiries usually have to do with the time that it takes to evaluate your project. If I don’t immediately know your word count or the length of your audio.

A look into my mind as a provider:
I love getting messages about potential work, I answer these quickly while I am also trying to deliver projects that are due this hour. If it can’t be answered in several minutes, it’s difficult to find the time in today’s queue. If I can’t deal with it when I first read your message, it is easy for the message to get buried. I usually star these messages so I can review back when I can catch up.

Just try to be the nicest buyer on Fiverr. You will hook up with some the nicest sellers and have a marvelous time.


Dear Gal & Marianne:

You can look around on the Internet or hire a copy writer to find just the right call to action, but something along the lines of one follow-up message that politely nudges them should be all you allow yourself.

Some people just have no concept of follow-through, so there are plenty of Buyers who will just break your heart.

Sometimes they have no reason, sometimes their expected funding falls through, sometimes they have a personal emergency that throws everything out of whack, sometimes they are just jerks that enjoy jerking Sellers around.

Ultimately, you can control what you do, but you can’t control what anyone else does.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but don’t be surprised when they don’t reciprocate.

In my humble opinion,


When that happens, I always assume that they went with another seller.
Or, I get worried that they did not receive my last message.
Messages sent but not received is pretty frequent (at least with my account).
Some get entirely lost, and others arrive a day later.
Or, a message notification doesn’t appear on Fiv, but does in an email–which can easily go unnoticed. Sigh. :sweat_smile:


This happened every time with every seller. You can directly ask them like that:

“Hey, I/We haven’t heard from you. It’s been xxx days. What’s happening?
I will appreciate your reply.
Hope to hear from you soon.

If you are not sure that they received your message, try to check their last online status.


Hard as it is, you have to shrug and move on. I’ve had two of these in the last month actually: long conversations and their last communication is ‘great. send me a custom offer’, which I do, then nothing.

They’re probably talking to a bunch of other sellers at the same time. I think it’s inappropriate (even if sorely tempting) to contact them given Fiverr’s approach to spam.


I call these time wasters and it is just normal to have this happen.

Some people are just talkers, not doer’s.

I hope you always send them a custom offer very quickly as it separates the doer’s from the talkers.


Beautiful advice guys, thanks a lot !


that’s mean buyer don’t want Your service. maybe buyer contacting other seller like you. so buyer comparing with other and choosing best one.