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How do you remove photos from the forum?


So I added a new gig, and went to the “Fiverr Gig” forum to post a message, letting people know

about my new gig. I type in the description and decide to add a photo, but once I loaded the photo, it said “file not loaded” so I tried about 5 times. Still didn’t work, so I gave up and clicked on post discussion.

Then I found out that the exact same photo was posted 5 times.

How do I get rid of them?? I clicked on edit, but it seems like I can only edit the description

and not the photos. Am I missing something here???



Someone has just kindly told me that the photos can’t be removed.

Oh dear, I guess I’ll have to keep it that way!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @madmoo:

Hello madmoo, I’m not sure which post you will read first, but

please go ahead and remove that post, I’ll repost it again with

the correct photos.

Thank you!!


Reply to @madmoo:

Thank you madmoo!!

I went ahead and reposted it, with the correct photos in order.

The previous one looked so bad and it was embarrassing, looked like

one of those spamming threads…

I think I’m set for now, thank you again!! :smiley: