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How do you report a seller?


So I ordered a gig…supposed to be 1 day delivery…I’m told that if I want the gig I actually need to buy 3 more because of all the time needed. Then they are marked complete and I’m told that I need to have my landing page done (Google ad-words and competitor analysis gig) for him to do my competitors research…pretty much BS…but not to worry…the work will be done good. This should have been my first clue. Now,

3 days later I’ve received the "give me a few hours’ messages…all bs.

How in the heck are buyers protected?


Hello, I can see you are having a bad day. you need to relax now. you have plenty of protection, just goto your order, on the top right corner you will found RESOLVE NOW. Click on it and then follow the options it will take you to cancellation option and fiverr will cancel the order for you. you will be refunded. :slight_smile:


If the order was delivered the seller has to accept the cancellation so I am not sure if the “Resolve Now” option would do anything for you.

You can try it but you can also try contacting customer support directly.


If the work really hasn’t been done, just talk to customer service.


resolve now does work automatically in three day


Not if the seller declines!


If the seller truly did not do the work, reject/request modification on the order. If they re-deliver the gig without actually doing additional work, reject/request modification again and tell them that you’re going to escalate the situation.

If I remember right, Fiverr will not force a Buyer to accept a gig, even if it was done properly. As long as you keep throwing the ball back in the Seller’s court, you should be able to get the job done right or at least deny the bad seller the ability to get paid while handling the situation with customer service.


They are protected quite well, compared to sellers actually, but unfortunately even with all the protection measures fiverr has in place, still issues arise and scams happen, from both sides. :confused:

If you agreed on 1 day delivery with the seller and they didn´t only not just not deliver after 1 day, but even after 3 additional days not and are asking for more time you can ask the seller for cancellation (if they accept, your money will be refunded then by fiverr, your seller btw actually doesn´t have your money yet, during the delivery time and the following clearance period the money stays with fiverr), or take it to Customer Support, if the seller declines or if their behaviour was that unacceptable that you don´t want to discuss with them.

Sorry that happened to you, don´t let it spoil fiverr for you, there are loads of honest sellers who do deliver their orders on time. Doesn´t help you in this case of course, but listening to your hunches or clues next time is certainly a good idea, we sellers have to do that often too, and we have much less clues than buyers can get to go on, but of course I know it´s not that easy in all categories, and also of course it´s especially difficult, if you´re pressed on time and need something done within 24 hours.

Hope you´ll get it sorted out with seller or Customer Support, and that you have better luck finding the right seller for you next time.

Happy holidays to you either way! :slight_smile: