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How do you report someone for bad service if you havnt bought the gig off them


I was sent an offer by someone and I was trying to tell them what I wanted via the messages and because they dont speak English very well it ended up badly with them completly misunderstanding what I wanted in my logo. Then they ignored me when I asked more questions.
So I order a gig off someone else and am now having the same problems, very little understanding with the language when they state that they can speak English… Im getting really fed up if Im honest


So, you want to report somebody for not speaking English fluently?

If you have had two issues with sellers, maybe you are terrible at explaining?


Why would you want to report someone because of communication errors? The ignoring could be down to being in a different time zone/working/getting fed up with pre-sales process going on too long.

My suggestion: hire someone who is a native speaker. Don’t red flag yourself to all the sellers here on the forums as a difficult buyer who reports for the most minor of transgressions–not speaking da good Engleesh. I personally think all sellers should have at least intermediate level English to sell, but that’s never going to happen.

Was this also a $5 special? lol


Just request to cancel the order and say they don’t speak English well. Why report something that is true of at least 25% of the sellers?


She has a point, I think we should report all buyers who ask the question:

“How you mek me sails?” :stuck_out_tongue:


But I really do feel what the guy is saying. There are a lot of sellers claiming to be what they are not.