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How do you request for more time for a buyer's job?


How can i request for more time for a buyer’s job? If i can request for more time then what happens if the buyer seems not to be online for days and time set for job completion is less than 1hr remaining.


You can ask the buyer for more time and they might say OK, but they don’t have to. Sending an empty delivery to stop the clock is against the ToS. As an alternative you could offer a refund. If the buyer still wants the work done they can re-order which starts the clock new. There isn’t much you can do if they don’t respond. Fiverr CS could cancel it for you but it would count against your cancellation rate.

In general you really need to avoid lateness and if you need to cancel or ask for more time you should do it way before the last hour. You may need to set longer delivery times if this is a common issue.


Reply to @fuzzyleon: Editing your gig us good for future gigs, especially when you realize you have an ongoing problem. Editing gig times does not apply to active orders, though.


only way is to increase delivery time to your gig


I don’t think there is one way to ensure that you will always be on time. Lateness became a problem for me because of the variations of my gigs and the variation of time for each. And no matter if I ask people to contact me first before ordering. I still have individuals who don’t do that, order huge quantities of items while I am in the middle of other orders. So I think it is more about adjusting your gig based on things as they occur. It’s just the learning curve that one has to experience when trying to manage work loads. I do think that there should be a mechanism for both the buyer and seller to renegotiate time frames once the order has been placed.


Reply to @fmwalker: Yeah you can’t ever guarantee anything as there are unknown variables such as emergencies, hardware failures etc. All you can do is log each issue and add it to your calculations.

Personally on fiverr i add about 400% more time than i normally need and when i’m working on a bigger order i put my gigs in vacation mode. Have never been late on a fiverr deadline so guess its working rather well.

Playing it safe also means allot less orders so this is only a viable option for those of us who have multiple platforms to work on.


Thanks everyone. :smiley: