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How Do You Review?

I have been thinking about my reviews that I give my satisfied clients. At first I would review them as if I was reviewing a seller. “Great Buyer!”, “Quick to respond!”, etc. Then I shifted to more of a personal message to the buyer themselves. “I’m so glad you like it and I look forward to working with you again…” Then I would flip flop depending on how they reviewed me. (Sometimes buyers review as if they are sending a message to you and other times like they are giving a review like you would a product or service.) Frankly I’m still reviewing based on the style they use. How do you guys do it? Do you just go with on way or mix it up?

One thing I don’t recommend is to give the same review for every buyer. Other buyers can read these at the bottom of the gig and when they see you took the extra minute to get a little creative with your buyer reviews it looks better on you as a seller.

Your thoughts?

I don’t like the idea of giving the same review to every buyer either, but as soon as I have to review someone my mind goes blank. I don’t have many sales and many of the buyers haven’t reviewed me yet but I tried to give different reviews every time. I think it shows that you care.

Another sticky spot about reviews is when I’m dealing with repeat customers. I usually try to make sure I’m not repeating myself when I review them. (For the same reasons stated above.)

Admittedly there are only so many ways you can say, “Great Buyer!”, “Thank you for your amazing ordering skills…”, etc. So sometimes I have to get creative. (This is part of the reason why I shifted slightly to directly responding to their review. It’s easier to be “fresh” when responding to what they have already said that is unique…unless of course it’s just “Thumbs Up!”)

Anything you folks do to get creative?

I did not know they did not get a notification of your review. (Haven’t purchased anything on Fiverr yet though I do have my eye on some things…) That’s good to know.

I try to get creative with the replies from time to time. I once spiced up song lyrics for a while to say thank you for feedback. I then get bored and stick to a ‘thanks :)’ for a while.