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How do you search on Fiverr?

The question may seem silly but there are 2 ways to search on fiverr with each giving different results (at least in my case).

  1. Search when logged in
  2. Search when NOT logged in

When logged in and I search on my main keyword – my gigs are on the first page

When NOT logged in and search on my main keyword – my gigs are ?? (buried)

I’m curious if the above scenario is the case for others.

I noticed that when I search on my keyword when NOT logged in, the gigs seem to have a lot more gigs in their queue. Lately orders have been down for me and wondering if the key to getting more orders is getting on the first page for my keyword when NOT logged in to Fiverr.

Back to researching

When logged out your seeing a cached version of each page and while logged in your viewing a live version. In addition to that the type of gigs you browsed also plays a part in the order gigs are shown to you when logged in.

Thanks…good to know.