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How Do You Seek For Real Demand & Jobs Trends On Fiverr?


Hi Guys,

Figuring out what happens with the demand side and the undercurrents is the holy grail of every economic market, including the jobs market.

Hence, today I am interested to know what are your tools to find out what are the methods & strategies you use in order to find out what gig to create in order to get sales.



My answer is simple: assess your skills, do a little market research in line with those skills, and create gigs based upon the skills that you can provide that will be of service to others.


The best tool I use is the Fiverr search bar itself. I tried ranking for broad terms, but it didn’t wkr out well, so I went for long tail keywords, and I am seeing a stream of orders flow in.

When changed from “I will do PHP programming” to “I will install a popup form”, my sales went from ZERO to 10 in a span of 2 weeks (despite both of them essentially being the same). That’s not massive, I know, but I’m only 2 months old. Still experimenting to find the pulse of the marketplace.


Great info silkroute. How often do you change your gigs phrasing?


Do you create gigs that are unique or just “go with the flow” of competition?


Once every week for the non performing ones. I have only 3 gigs which generate revenue (I’ve never edited these from the day they went live, in fact, my top performing Aweber gig doesn’t even have a proper sales pitch. It’s just one line which basically says ‘I will do what the title says.’ It still converts very well and is ranked at the top of search results for that keyword),

Rest of the gigs are non performing, so I keep experimenting with their titles and keywords to see a swing in impressions.


And how long do you wait until you decide whether the results are not desirable and you must change something?


Successful businesses are not built upon the idea of doing what everyone else does. Successful businesses are bold, original, and they are not afraid to be creative and try new things.

I pursue the bold, creative, one-of-a-kind route.


I like this way of thinking. :smile:


Differentiation is the key in any business - there is nothing to suggest that fiverr should be any different. You need to stand out from the crowd. Being 1 of 50 people chasing after 1 order will end in you lowering your prices to compete. Being the only seller for a niche or specialism will end up in you getting all the orders.


I can’t agree more :smile: