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How do you send correspondence through fiverr like emailing of a tarot reading?

hi lovely fiverr community, need help!

I am a fish out of water and a new seller to fiverr, just posted my gig, just wondering how I would send a tarot reading via a word document to a customer when I get one ?
It says not to operate off the fiverr platform so how would I do this please send my emails to customers ?
If it is via fiverr could you give me some instructions or guidance on how to ?
Much appreciated if anyone can help :slight_smile:



You can attach the word document in your delivery. Always do it on Fiverr, or else you might not get paid if the buyer is fraudulent.

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hi agilewhiz thank you for replying, that is really helpful to know.
I will defo do this through fiverr so I get paid, as I am still learning how to navigate the site, Could you talk me through how it works on fiverr in terms of buyers and sellers and how to send a word document to a potential buyer as me the seller ?
I know you said I can attach the word document in my delivery is there anything else I need to know regards to when orders do come in how I go about this ?
is it easy to work out ? what to press, go on ? etc.
Thanks for your help too :slight_smile:

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Fellow reader here. (Astrologer)

When someone orders a Gig (reading) from you, you type it up in whatever document writer you have (I use Libre Office) and then you save it to your computer as a PDF file. ALWAYS use the DELIVER NOW green button on the ORDER page to deliver your readings. When you press the Deliver Now button, a box will pop up which will have a link within it to attach your files you have saved on your computer. Do that, then in the box itself, write a nice note to the buyer and thank them for choosing you to do their reading. (Or whatever it is you want to say) DO NOT ask the buyer to give you a review - this is against the TOS (which you should take time to read, since you did agree to it when you made your Gigs) and can get your account a warning or worse, get you banned. Never discuss reviews with buyers, NEVER. Got that? OK.

ALWAYS make sure that the buyer has placed an order BEFORE you do any work! If you have a potential buyer message you through the messaging system here, that is NOT them placing an order - that is just a message, and many newbies here have fallen into the trap of doing the work and delivering through the message box instead of waiting for the client to order - you will see on your Dashboard page when someone has ordered from you or you can see your orders from the menu on the top of your dashboard page.

If you make a Custom Offer for a buyer within the message box, NEVER start work on that reading until the buyer ACCEPTS the Custom Offer and the order goes to your orders page. Some newbies here also fall into this trap then wonder what the heck went wrong!

If you want to offer revisions or follow up questions about your reading, limit them to 1 or 2 - NOT unlimited. I do not and have not offered ANY revisions in all the time I have been here (since 2013).

Anything else, ask on the forum and I am sure you will get help.



thank u so much for ur suggestions that will help me too.


Thank you so much genuineguidance so very helpful and thanks for sharing its half the battle now. I was worrying a bit and up late trying to find out how to do this and that on the site so this is amazing info much love to you.Thanks for the tips too re what not to do, not asking for reviews and waiting for orders before working on readings got it! thank you again xx

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Need anything else, just post in the forum asking. Lots of helpful people in here ready to share their experience.