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How do you send large file to buyer?

Hi, as we know each file upload on Fiverr for buyer, can be only 150MB, what if more than that ? Witch way do you use to send large file in once ? The file like videos .Thanks.Lily


You can use cloud storage like googledrive or dropbox.

Hi, thanks for your reply.But im not able to use it in china, can’t open them ,not works for me😣

But of-course there are some other cloud services which is supported in china.

You could try something like 百度云…although I think that the issue is probably getting your buyers to also register :confused:

Drop box is better …

Yeah…it’s also blocked in China.

Hi there are a lot of ways that you can use for large file sending such as
Google drive
But I suggest please upload your file any sharing website like file share madia fair etc and send link to your client

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you should use dropbox, mega.
Sometimes google drive will be a threat for you
i hope you understood :wink:

Try Google Drive or DropBox, etc. Never ever use email, skype, etc as @johenbring suggested .

You can also zip the file and make Its size smaller.

try using pcloud I think it’s not blocked

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Hi, thanks everyone for the reply . I will check some of your idea to see if it’s works or not. Thanks and greeting to all :blush:

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