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How do you set up downloads in my gigs?

I’ve been approved to upload information into the Genealogy sub-group. I do research for DE and MD on abandoned and forgotten cemeteries. I thought this information might be useful for those tracing their family trees. I can’t figure out how to set up a gig for each PDF. For example: the first one I’ve completed is the Bethel Church cemetery in Federalsburg MD. I even list surnames at the beginning so people can see if they even need it or not. I have many, many more to do but before I format all of that info, I need to know how to proceed on here next.

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I have the same question.

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I´m not sure if I understood you correctly, sorry if not - anyway, if what you want to do is letting people interested in your gig read that PDF (and not setting up a separate gig to sell that PDF as a gig), you can upload a PDF in the edit section of your gig, somewhere below where you upload the gig images and/or videos.

Then, when a buyer clicks your gig, there is an arrow next to the first gig image > which, when you click it, they´d usually see gig image 2 and 3, but will see the PDF(s) instead.

I´m not sure though if you can upload more PDFs or if it stops after the 3 gig image slots, but 1 gig image + 2 PDFs definitely works, perhaps you can see how many in the edit section, I don´t want to click that on my gig to check since the last time I edited, my gig disappeared from search for a whole week. :wink:

My main gig, for instance, only has the max 3 gig images, which one can click through, but another gig (paused currently, so you can´t see it as an example, unfortunately), has only 1 gig image and then a PDF instead of more gig images.

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Thank you for the response. I’ve been so busy with my day job that I am just now getting back to this.

I see tabs Overview, Pricing, Description & FAQ, Requirements, and Gallery. Under none of those do I see a way to edit. Should I delete this gig and create one from scratch?

The multiple PDFs would be listed something like this:

Bethel Church Cemetery, Federalsburg MD

Cooper Family Cemetery, Willards MD

Cooper Road Cemetery, Gumboro DE

Etc. People would need to be able to buy a PDF and then download it. Page 1 is a cover page while Page 2 is cemetery info as well as a list of surnames. With surnames listed up from they will know if it’s even a PDF that would do them any good in searching their family tree.


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It should be in the Gallery, below the gig images. I could upload my PDF just like a normal gig image. Hope that helps.

Ah, found the page where it is mentioned:

In the Gig PDF area, drag a PDF or click Browse and select a PDF. You may upload up to two PDF files.
Note: This field is optional. Only the first three pages of your PDF will be displayed. (under Step 5: Gallery)

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