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How do you spending your freelancing life?

Hello every one let me know as a freelancer how do you spending your life. and what about the forecast you thought as a freelancer!

Yes I may need 1000 reply because freelancer need more encouragement rather than discourage words from some of the people. I do only freelancing and still I believe that a freelancer can earn more than 9 to 5 Job.

Here my post get hidden and i can’t be reply each and all. But technically it should be on from Fiverr.

Thanks to all


Hi, i’m Haris From Pakistan, i have been working as a Graphics Designer since December 2017. just Remember.
For success in your Life, Remember this Things from me

  1. just remember laziness is the blight of success
  2. be sincere and you will attain success
  3. honesty saves you even if you fear it
  4. be one of sweet patience in times of bitter matters
  5. jealousy is the worst disease
  6. he who knows how to keep his secrets knows the way to success

Hopefully if you will follow these words then you will get success in your life


I haven’t gotten a buyer for like forever now


@jeremy_de_gem, you don’t “get” buyers, you earn them. What actions are you taking reach out to your target customers, and earn their business?


I need more freelancer to write your words. I need 1000 comment :slight_smile: Have a niceday. Looking forward to get more inspirational words that you believe…

If you provide quality work, definitely a client will be comes to you repeatedly.

Why would you need 1,000 replies?


" let me know as a freelancer how do you spending your life. and what about the forecast you thought as a freelancer!"

It would be so interesting to see your answer to your own question my friend :smiley:

Life of freelancers, ou yeah, it’s a great one!
Doing morning time in my nice office at home, after successful workday I enjoy life with my family :smiley:
No boss = no stress :smiley:


This is a bit of side hustle for me. I am currently studying to become a commercial pilot. I still have a few months to go but this are going well. I am also working on a few strategies to gain a little extra cash on the side. Does anyone do Fiverr as a full time job?

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Well I am on Fiverr for last 4 years maybe more but I don’t do it full time, I combine it with other job platforms and some direct clients.
It’s great thing to be a pilot :smiley: Congrats!

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Story of my life lol :frowning:

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OP wants 1000 replies for some reason…