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How do you split audio into separate file?

I just joined Fiverr as a voice over artist, and I’m looking at adding new upgrades. I’m just curious as to what it means to split audio files.

So do you give the buyer the audio file x times or do you split up the audio into separate files?

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I’m not an expert but it sounds like you split it into separate files. No reason to give the same file multiple times. So if someone orders a five minute file you could split it into five different files of one minute each.

Thanks a lot. I’ll take your advice to heart.

I thought ‘split audio’ referred to stereo, like Right and Left in speakers. I might be wrong, though.

Hi there. I’m a voice over artist too. I split it into separated files according with client needs. It means, for exemple, if a client give you one single script but he/she needs an audio file per sentence/word.