How do you stay organized with different orders?


My gig is web design and often I have lots of files containing html/css/javascript code for my customers.

On my pc, I have a folder called Fiverr and inside of it, there’s a folder for each buyer each with the buyer’s username. Then, inside each buyer’s folder, I have other folders for each job I did for them; Sale1, Sale2 etc.

I find this system really help. How do you stay organized with different orders?



I do the same thing as you


I create a folder for each order. The name of the folder is the username + date delivered. The filenames for the logos delivered are the names of the organizations. It’s a bit crude but it works for me right now.

Sometimes I forget the username and only remember the organization name. A quick search with spotlight usually does the trick. :slight_smile:


I do dog training videos and I get a lot of orders for the same topics, so I organize my folders by type of video (ie: leash walking, dog food, new puppy, etc) and customize each video for the customer, so I change the file name to their username so I can keep track of who orders what. I also keep a list in my cell phone of who already received which video so I don’t sent them duplicate videos. Its a crazy system but it works for me!