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How do you stop turning into a blob while working on fiverr


how do you keep yourself fit and healthy if you are spending all day in front of the computer? I go for a 5k run every lunchtime and stay well away from the fridge and sweets and biscuits… What does everyone do?


I’m already a blob! Full time 9-5 in an office has done an absolute number on my eating and exercise habits. I’m going on long service next year and possibly not going back for various complicated reasons… being able to get some sort of liveable income off Fiverr would be a dream come true.


I have decided that it is my destiny to become a blob as I have heard their is a demand for blob like actors in Hollyweird


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I half expected someone to respond with something like this. Have you done a family tree for that blob yet?


Reply to @markp: yes it it was filled with with these little guys who dream of starring in Blob 2014, Return to Tub


Is a blob before, during, and after fiverr xD

It’s not worth it to go run or whatever for me, especially when I have chest pains, and wouldn’t like to die alone in the middle of nowhere xD


When we get back to England I will be playing Football again hopefully without any more injuries.

OG Likes to Rock Climb and she is going to teach me that a bit more as well.

Otherwise we normally like to do Martial Arts :slight_smile:


This made me chuckle. It can be very hard to keep good ergonomics while working on the computer. I for one feel more like I am turning into the hunchback of notre dame. Lol. Too many writing orders. :wink:


Reply to @oranjegirl: exactly I don’t worry about the blob affect but more about back issues and being hunched over for life


I go for a walk or coffee at a coffee shop after a few hours of work for a bit of social interaction. I also don’t work on weekends, since the amount of hours I do work during the week, it’s good to turn off the computer and spend time with friends and family for two days. :slight_smile:


I walk about 5 miles daily, and I sit on a stability ball when I have to be in front of the computer or while I am doing a painting. I also log my food, and that keeps me from grazing while I am in front of the computer. Staying fit is a tough task, especially when I would rather sit and read or paint than exercise. ;-D


Reply to @caiterz: Do you walk around the block at least?