How do you talk to a Steven Yeun look alike? Tips on dating Asian men


Whether you are checking out the dating scene with a huge Asian population or there’s this Steve Yeun look-alike whom you wish to get lucky with, let me help you out!

I’ll guide you to open his heart to you if he only hangs out with other Asians. If you are meeting his parents for the first time, I will guide you to earn their trust and get them to accept you as one of them. If your Asian boyfriend is too much of a workaholic/studyholic, I’ll give you tips on how to help him unleash his inner badass and have fun while being a go-getter in life. ps. At least in the US, Asian men draw the highest hourly salary, maybe that’s why he’s so serious. :wink:

Jokes aside, I focus on “date yourself first” philosophy. My wish is for you ladies to love yourself so much that your inner Goddess shines and attract men, regardless of what race they are. Because at the end of the day, gender and cultural barriers aside, we are still human and we crave for love and affection. :wink: