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How do you tell a buyer you don't want to work with them anymore?

It would be one thing if the buyer was extremely rude and demanding, but I’m dealing with a guy who seems to be almost naive. He is definitely asking for more work for less money. I’ve been able to explain my fees to a point and get him up to where i need the pricing to be. However, he wants to buy more gigs and I just don’t have the energy to deal with him anymore. So how do you tell a buyer you no longer want their business?

Just tell him “I don’t want to work with you anymore”. That’s not rude. Being rude would be telling him “I don’t want to work with you anymore, as***e”. Being rude is also asking for more work for less money, when you repeatedly said no.
You own your business, and you have the right to decide who you want to work with.

I am sorry that really stinks. What about offering him a custom offer for every single order?
“Unfortunately I see you have not purchased enough gigs for this order. This particular order requires xyz amount of gigs. To avoid any future confusion please make sure to contact me first, so I can send you a custom offer.”

I never use the word “you” in this situation since that seems like I am blaming the buyer.
I tell them I have too many other commitments at this time to be able to work with them.
Since I stay so busy it’s true and it does not hurt their feelings.

I know what you mean. We`re talking by text, so interpretations are always ambiguous - especially for a worldwide site like Fiverr.

Was he really being pushy or do you feel there may have been some misinterpretations?

If he`s being annoyingly persistent, well you just need to set your foot on the floor with your pricing. Good luck. :smiley:

if the buyer send a complain to fiverr support they will enforce you to do his work
check my story :

I don’t quite understand what you mean, is he not wanting to pay your fees? If you send him a custom offer, just send him an offer one time, make it what you need to get paid, and then he either buys the gig or not.

If you explained your fees and he is willing to pay, and will pay the full rate going forward, then what is the problem?

YOu do not need to spend time on explaining things. Just give him a quote and say when you are ready to order, go ahead. If the buyer still tries to negotiate just send a message stating over again, the fee is $XX. Do not say more than that, do not spend time on it.

Sometimes after explaining my fees, he will pay them. But it will take 3-4 messages before it comes to that. Othertimes, I explain my fees and then he will adjust his requirements so it’s more within his budget. But again, it takes multiple messages to communicate all of this.

I do like your idea of giving a quote and then leaving it at that. I explain all my fees on my gig page, so it’s not like anything is new or has changed. If he keeps pestering me, I’ll try telling him i simply don’t have time for his orders anymore.

This is not the normal “What do you need, what feeling are you trying to get across” type messages. These are messages of him trying to negotiate with me on my prices. Or me doing a gig, but then him adding on something last minute and expecting me to do it for no extra money. Eventually we will get to the same page, but it shouldn’t take that amount of work to get to that point. I do freelance work outside of Fiverr and have been doing it for several years. So I have a really good idea of how much back and forth is needed to land a job. I have never had to tell somebody I don’t want to work with them anymore though. Maybe that’s because my prices outside of Fiverr are much higher, so the people I work with are not lowballing cheapos.

Reply to @misscrystal: I’m not as busy as you so I have to go the “direct way”.

Reply to @solow13: Tactful is the way to communicate with buyers.

No matter what I would never say “I do not want to work with you.”

I might say something like “At this time I am not able to take your job. Good luck in finding another great fiverr seller.”

Reply to @talethia: yes, but 3-4 emails, that is not that big a deal, that is naturally part of business in general. Do you freelance outside of Fiverr? It can take very long emails and phone calls in order to land the job.

It’s tough though to find that balance sometimes. I would not tell him you do not have time for his orders, clearly you still have a gig posted here on Fiverr so DO have time to do jobs, just stick to the budget and then when you send a quote and leave it at that. What you can even add at the end is a line when you give the custom quote is something like…“If this quote does not work for you, please feel free to contact other Sellers here on Fiverr, I am sure you can find the right person for the job. Good luck to you.”

Do that one or two times, the buyer will hopefully get the message.

Reply to @talethia: Maybe he is trying to get a discount and this is his way of negotiating. There might a language problem as well, and he does not understand your requirements. If you don’t want to work with him, then you shouldn’t ;).

sincere18 said: "If this quote does not work for you, please feel free to contact other Sellers here on Fiverr, I am sure you can find the right person for the job. Good luck to you."
well said!

Reply to @talethia: well, at that point if he adds on something for extra money you send him a custom offer to add that amount, or if he does not then you do not do that extra work and just cancel the job right then and there, no? Or he might just cancel it anyway. But if you do that one time, I highly doubt they would come back and keep ordering for you.

And yes, I think having prices outside of Fiverr that are much higher, you are not goign to have the same issues at all. Also, Fiverr is an anonymous website that adds a whole other dimension than you working on your own independently directly with people who know who you are who have your real contact info or who you know who they are.