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How Do You Tell Others About a Terrible Seller?


I’ve run into a few dishonest sellers, who say ONE thing in their gig description and then pull a bait and switch on you.

They send ME a message saying, “I will do THIS ____ for $5…” and then when I try to make the order, he changes it to $95??? NO WHERE in the said gig description does it say this, for example.

I understand that you get what you pay for, but if you PROMISE a gig for a certain amount of money, then why can’t you do a good job?

OR someone promises to write you articles, and ONLY THEN AFTER PAYING do you learn that it’s PLR. Dishonest. :frowning:

If you try to leave a feedback to let others know, the seller either deletes the entire gig, or they leave feedback bashing you, calling you stupid names and saying how you were a pain in the butt, etc. But it’s not true, they just wanted to hurt you back.

Some of these people keep getting away with it. If the forum rules say you aren’t allowed to post a user name (which I can’t find this rule ANYWHERE, but others are quick to let you know here at these forums), then HOW do you tell others?

And then you can ONLY/EITHER get a refund, OR leave negative feedback. But you can’t do both? What?!?

Some of these scams are TOO MUCH! Why does Fiverr always let these sellers get away with being QUITE unprofessional, and even WORSE – lying?


Why should you get to do both. If there’s a real violation of TOS Customer Support will put the end to that. But why should you get to put a thumbs down, when there can also be much less legitimate reasons…heck, even in this case, maybe there was a communication to the effect and you mistook it.

More generally, you can “trash talk” a seller on your social network if you want. You just cannot do it here (thank you for NOT doing so!) LOL


I agree with the previous posters here. Negative feedback is a big blow for sellers and can affect their gigs and sales immensely. I suggest leaving one of these and explaining what happened there - so future buyers can see what you wrote and know what to expect.


What makes Fiverr great is the fact that there is so much competition. If you are not happy with the gig you bought then you can just find another seller offering a similar gig who is better.


Reply to @celinedesigns: Thank you. There was not enough room in the feedback box to explain and show examples. I have been dissatisfied a few times with those saying they speak English, but when they write for you, it’s obvious they are lying and from another country. But they were very nice and had 100% feedback already, so instead of tarnishing their feedback, I just asked for mutual cancellation.

But when it’s so terrible that I feel others should know, I should have a right to leave negative feedback AND get a refund.


Reply to @stevenholt: Nice yes, but being scammed sucks PERIOD, no matter how many honest folks are out there.


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile: