How do you tell your buyers about your facebook page?


I recently started a facebook page, which is not a profile page but an actual fiverr business page (or like I like to say, a companion page to my fiverr profile where I post updates about my work on fiverr, general tips, and generally use it to get more fiverr business), and I know many of you guys have one, too.

So I’m curious: how do you tell your buyers about your fb page?

I’ve recently contacted the tech support guys, and one of them said it’s fine to include a fb page in order & delivery messages, but not in gig descriptions or instructions. So I though of using the following phrasing on delivery:

P.S. if you want to show your appreciation, you can 'like' my fb page where I post my fiverr updates:<username>

However, after a short while another tech support person said not to include my facebook page in messages. So, what do you guys do? Because clearly the Fiverr team doesn't have a clear set of rules on this matter since they tend to contradict themselves at times :)


@Woofy31 I know the answer to that. Its your gigs!! just kidding. That’s an old one. Its a coffin. Regarding the facebook question. I do not think you are going to get the same answer from any two people and even then there is still a problem. If anything appears on the page that links to other sites, or fiverr competitor’s or anything that breaks the TOS…you will find yourself in trouble.


Removed my post, sorry just ignore me, this once :wink:


Interesting… I never do this before.

Anyways… Will do now. :slight_smile: :)>- :wink:

madmoo said: I hope it IS allowed.

Just to give you a heads up: the second tech person who said it's not allowed, replied back after I told him that I was confused by each tech person telling me differently, and he said to follow the guidelines of the first tech person whom I talked to, therefore implying that it is allowed - I think :-?

But I still have a dose of doubt since their initial response was a totally different one... therefore I will keep following this topic hoping that other sellers tell us about their experience and whether / how they do it ;)

madmoo said: waiting with baited breath

You're welcome! Wait, what are you waiting?


Reply to @madmoo: what? :stuck_out_tongue: just kiddin’. What riddle? A riddle would be if I’d say “What goes around the world but stays in a corner?” (a stamp, duh!)

And while we’re waiting for people to answer on the current topic, here’s another one: “The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?” - oh, the mystery of knowing without knowing :smiley:


@Woofy31 If the site has paid ads for fiverr competitors splashed all over it what happens then? Lets take a hypothetical situation here. You put up a page and link to an article or something. A month or so later the site with the content on is sold or changes hands and the new owner decides to splash it full of ads for some clone site. In the meantime a fiverr editor comes along and decides to take a look at your FB page and happens to click the link which you have forgotten about. If that happens you are toast Are you willing to risk that?

Support can tell you what they want but if an editor comes along and doesn’t like what they see then you are still going to get into trouble. Personally I think the only way you are going to be safe is to put your own content on there and just link to work you have done and have no outside links at all.

markp said: If anything appears on the page that links to other sites, or fiverr competitor's or anything that breaks the will find yourself in troub

So what you're saying is that I can't even share seo articles of interest on my fb page with my buyers because I'm posting links to external websites where those articles reside?


Reply to @markp: Hmm, great point of view. I’ll forgive you for the gigs joke you made earlier :slight_smile:


@madmoo I am of the opinion that there should be no external links on them besides work. I think this is a really difficult one.

This is my opinion. I think If fiverr think it looks like the page is being used to trawl for work or business outside fiverr or send traffic (business) away from fiverr to another site then that is going to cause problems. This is all if’s and buts and maybes though and where the line is no one seems to know



I created a Facebook Page, as I had seen so many others do on here, explicitly for the use of Fiverr. There is no payment methods etc on there. It is just for me to link back to fiverr for my gigs, to keep clients updated and for my clients to post links to their sites to get backlinks.

I have just had this message from fiverr:

Hi crystalnici,

We do not allow referring users to sites off Fiverr. However, for the purpose of displaying additional samples of your work, you may use a link to flickr (for photos, illustrations and graphics) or youtube (for video, audio and animation). All communications, ordering, delivery, and payments must be completed exclusively within

Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features, as well as your account status.

What have I done wrong and how can I let my clients (who all want this) know about the Facebook Page without breaking TOS?

I have read through here, and this is just a Facebook Page, not a website or anything and it offers no external way to hire me, all links on there will be for my gigs on and fragglesrock.

Any advice please?

Nici :smiley:


@Nic fragglesrock is not part of fiverr. If it is the site I am thinking of its a clone site and that is maybe why you got that warning. I would remove any reference to this and then contact support again about it.

crystalnici said: We do not allow referring users to sites off Fiverr. However, for the purpose of displaying additional samples of your work, you may use a link to flickr (for photos, illustrations and graphics) or youtube (for video, audio and animation). All communications, ordering, delivery, and payments must be completed exclusively within

And there you have it, @madmoo, the official response telling us along the lines that facebook is not permitted, but only flickr & youtube to showcase our works :(


Reply to @crystalnici:

crystalnici said: fragglesrock

That is a clone site, which can get you into trouble ;)


Reply to @madmoo: when you talk to them, you could also mention their above message to refresh their memory… just an idea… although I don’t know if it’s a good one…

If you will quit your fb, then a great sadness will cover this community since others will start quitting as well… :frowning: it feels so unfair!!


Guys, Facebook and external sites are very helpful to drive visitors directly to your Gigs which can also help you increase traffic. Since the goal is to get sales and bring people from your external site or Facebook page to your Gigs, then you don’t need to link from your Gig to these sites.

So you shouldn’t stop working on these external pages even if you aren’t linking to them from your Gigs because they can be very useful sales tools for you.

With respect to your portfolio, you can use the Live Portfolio, or as mentioned above, Flickr or youtube to showcase additional work.


@madmoo what @kenivwil is saying is the linking should only be one way. From external sites to fiverr and nothing in the opposite direction at all.

kevinwil saidthen you don't need to link from your Gig to these sites.

From this I don't think any of us should be linking to, or mentioning anything to buyers about social media or external sites and if you do want to show any samples of work to buyers our only external options are youtube or flickr.

madmoo said: I THOUGHT I was doing the right thing but since I now know I'm not, I will stop.

I guess you now regret talking to me since it ultimately lead to this :(

I thought of making a fb page, buy a gig that brings 1k 'likes' to it, and hope it will be seen and will drive more sales - but I don't know if it would ever work this way..


Reply to @kevinwil: I’m still unsure of one thing/scenario: if have an external page, never refer buyers to it and thus only use it to drive sales to my fiverr gigs, and let’s say that the fb page will get a lot of spam in the feature (without my involvement) or will have improper content according to fiverr tos, will it hurt my fiverr account since I never refer it to buyers or in fiverr messages at all?

I mean, will I have the guarantee that whatever happens on that fb page will not affect my fiverr account (knowing that I never referred it to buyers or promoted it in any way within fiverr)?