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How do you tell your buyers about your facebook page?

madmoo said: the 'rules' seem to change depending upon who you speak to

Couldn't say it better :)

madmoo said: I'd also never 'buy' likes. I prefer to think all of mine are people who choose to be there and like what I do.

But I've noticed one thing: nowadays almost everyone will walk away from a new page, because it has no "likes" - so people tend to like only pages that already have a lot of likes... which is sad in my opinion, hence my thought of buying likes. It's like trying to get a job after you finish university, and all jobs require experience - but what experience if you just got out of university?! the same I noticed with facebook and likes, where "likes" are the experience part...

madmoo said: each new 'like' is a thrill

Believe me, the same applies to me, both with facebook likes as well as with fiverr feedbacks.. But what if you only get only 1 'like' on a 2-3-or-more months basis? I would lose hope quickly since it doesn't feel like I'm going somewhere with it..


you can rank a facebook page the same way you rank a site with some seo. Forget buying mickey mouse likes.


I did open a ticket with customer support to get advice about this, but have not had a response yet. It is a shame because I was setting up the Facebook site so that my customers could link their websites and get back links and advertising to each other, so like a community of fiverr customers who use fiverr and each other as needed. I hope customer services gets back to me soon because it would be good to know. I understand fiverr’s concern that people will use their Facebook accounts to get work off fiverr, but I am sure that once the lines of communication are opened on flikr and You Tube, unscrupulous people will do that anyway. Having active Facebook sites that bring more and more people to Fiverr will only benefit Fiverr in the end. It seems a bit short sighted to close Facebook as a route to customer satisfaction with this in mind. I hope we get a definitive answer sooner or later. I don’t want to stop working on here or doing anything to go against Fiverr’s TOC’s either. Ho Hum, nothing is ever as good as you believe it will be is it? :frowning:


Oh about Fragglesrock, it is set up exactly the same as this site, with everything identical. I thought this was a wonderful thing for me, because working in the UK I only get 2.48 per hour by working on this site, not really worth the money to be honest. It’s not like I don’t have my finger in a dozen other pies that would pay much better in the long run. I think fiverr needs to look into this other site, because there must be breach of copyrite there at the very least. If a Fiverr owner reads the forums and is following this, they may want to have a look!

[Sheriffs Note: Please refrain from using actual names of clone sites. Thank you.]


Also @markp there was no reference to that uk site on the link, just to the Facebook page . I wish we could get a definitive answer to this subject!


Thanks @madmoo ! I am horrified at how alike the other site is! I am amazed they can get away with it, it really is exactly the same as this, anyone looking at it will think they are on an official Fiverr site but the UK version. As to that why has Fiverr not got an official UK site anyway? :smiley:

[Sheriffs Note: Please refrain from using actual names of clone sites. Thank you.]


Have changed the name Sheriff so there is no direct reference to the outside clone site. I only put it up there to warn you guys about it in the first place though!


I saw a new clone myself yesterday and was shocked to see that degree of similarity, which made me think: what if the fiverr scripts & templates were leaked somehow by a previous fiverr employee in a useless attempt to get some sort of revenge? Just wondering if the Fiverr team has control over their employees…

madmoo said: and how many actually have 'you' on them, selling 'your' gigs

Whaaat?! I can't believe it... is it that bad?! :( I hope I won't get into trouble because some douchebags used my name and services, that would be really unfair, to pay for other people's crime :(


Reply to @madmoo: well, you’ve managed to get me worried about this uncontrolled stuff… I truly hope Fiverr takes all possible actions to put those clones down - that would be the best solution in my opinion, and obviously to have someone sweep the internet from time to time of new clones :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Neah, don’t worry about it… I’m a worried person by nature :stuck_out_tongue: I would get worried if I wouldn’t be worried :))


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: what a great idea, obg, I love it :smiley: thanks so much again for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us :slight_smile:


Is there a final conclusion? Can we or can we not tell our buyers about our Facebook pages?

I have also created a page like an hour ago and this is the only thread I’ve found about this topic. I wanted to talk it out with fellow Fiverr users before doing something stupid. I feel a bit discouraged after the discussions I’ve seen in here. :frowning:

Btw, this is my page: http://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■/pages/Carlaism/473690819356292


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: :frowning: Oh, ok. Thank you.