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How do you top sellers have the time?


I’ve been here for almost 2 yrs and have had many inquiries about people wanting to order from me. I’ve had to turn many people away because I just don’t have the time to do all the orders. I also have to mutually cancel orders when people order before messaging me first because I may not be available. Due to this, I have a high cancellation percentage.

I have my virtual assistant business off of fiverr and also offer some tasks here. I’m wondering how in the world to top sellers have the time to complete so many orders? I know that you can prolong the estimated delivery times but still, how do you do it? Are you racked with stress due to so many orders and looming deadlines?

I may be the minority but I prefer faucet drip orders over gushing tidal waves! lol

Would love to hear your stories…



I guess that’s the beauty of it. Work as much or as little as you want.

For me, my gigs are dependent on my voice health. I can’t talk into a microphone for 8 hours straight and then spend another 8 hours at the editing desk, 6 days a week. Plus I have my regular clients out in the real world, and I need to make room for them.

I suppose other Sellers are not so dependent on voice health, but they may suffer from wrist ailments, eye strain, back aches or plain fatigue. I often suspend my gigs for a day or two just to rest my vocal chords.


Yes, I was going to suggest suspending your gigs when you are too busy with the real word. I have been with fiverr for 3 years now. Business has come in waves, but never overwhelming. I am building a website to assist me with some automation including handling the shipping labels and postage. We are part of fiverr because we love the community, if that means giving up a weekend or a quiet evening at home, I’m in! These are the people I want to work for!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Like you, I have clients in the real world too and some buyers here get mad when I tell them that. They expect me to start working on their order the minute that they submit it and want it delivered quicker than my estimated delivery time. Thankfully I have had more nice people than mean ones in my fiverr life here.


Reply to @madmoo:

"If I get a lot of orders all at once, I suspend my gigs so I can catch up."

That’s a good idea, never thought of that, duh me!

"Lots of sellers have gigs that only take a few minutes to complete, so their queues may look daunting but they’re not. My gigs tend to take anything from 20 minutes to a couple of hours (often when ‘extras’ are ordered they can take a long time) so I keep track of what’s building up in the queue and act accordingly."

Maybe my problem is offering 45 min of work for $5 as my introductory offer.

Maybe I should lower it but I don’t want to lower the value of the gig however.

Hmmm some things to think about.

What are your thoughts on that? Any advice? If you can give me your perspective as if you were a prospective buyer?


Reply to @calocedrus:

Great attitude and kudos to you for researching ways to make your order deliveries easier and more efficient.

lorena72 said: Like you, I have clients in the real world too and some buyers here get mad when I tell them that

Trying to not sound self righteous, however I never mention clients to clients, not even in passing, or in any manner that would give them opportunity to think, I put someone else ahead of them. I take great care to offer every client total confidentiality and a sense of exclusivity. And once you open the Fiverr door, you've got to be ready for whoever walks thru it, and they get the exact same level of service and dignity.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: great response!


You just get faster. There was no way I would have been able to handle the volume of work I do now when I first started. I remember bursting into tears one day early on because I felt so overwhelmed. Now I handle five times that amount of work every day.

I’ve streamlined my setup. I know how to work my equipment and how long everything will take, so I know how to charge appropriately and I’m not spending an hour working on a $5 order.

By far the most time consuming part of the process is communicating with buyers and organizing my day.


you have 4 imporant things in life friends, family, career, health. But I think anyone only has time for 2 of them.