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How Do You Topup Your Fiverr Account?


How do you topup your Fiverr account? For instance, as I buy frequently, I’d prefer to topup my accout say $100 once a month and then spend it as virtual pre-paid money throughout the month, instead of paying for each gig from a card vor paypal. Without that, I only have the money in my accout if a gig I bought is cancelled and my accout is reimburced.


Unfortunately it is not possible as Fiverr only takes payments as they are required.
I have suggested that topping up would be a great option to have. Perhaps you could suggest it to customer support too.


Trust me, if there was a way to Top Up, I would be doing it right now. That would be fantastic in so many levels for regular buyers like us!!


From a seller’s perspective, I second that! Money that’s ready to be used instantly would encourage impulse purchases, I think. Also, Fiverr could benefit from the interest that the money accrues while it isn’t being used.


Thanks all. Yeah, i’ll definitely suggest it too. Unless there is a sound purpose not to, it should be easy enought to do…