How do you track your sales?


Hi everyone!

I’m a newbie who just made Level 1 today! YAY me !! Anyway, for those sellers who have a long history and many sales, do you keep a spreadsheet of what work you’ve done in the past? I know there is an icon for “repeat buyers”, but does Fiverr give you a breakdown of all your sales since the beginning of time for each gig? I don’t know if it is worth doing my own spreadsheet, but if it is I should start now while my sales are only about 15. If you do have your own spreadsheet, what kind of info. do you track?



Well for starters I use a folder saving system one for written projects and one for videos. I store each client individually in their own folders in those sections.

I also maintain a tracking sheet of sales per day using Office online services.

You can go to your name upper right drop down>Mysells>Revenues and click the CSV file there…

Once thats done you will get a readout of your sells

You can use that spreadsheet to varify your records


I track my own invoices with a spreadsheet that’s set up to calculate not only each job w/ invoice # and amount, but also lets me see my hourly rate by entering time spent on each job. It holds all my customers too and tracks how much each gig is earning. POW! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to share.


I just had a gig nayem_online, steal my link they were suppose to advertising for me on Facebook and Twitter, and because I am new to this, and was using an url shortener (which I found out later from ClickBank that I shouldn’t do). They changed MY url shortener to there’s. Has anybody else had this to happen to them? And if so, was it by the same Fiverr gig: nayem_online?


For the future, I am currently designing a website. But right now, I need to market my affiliate links and YouTube video on social media. Would anyone suggest the most effective way to do that, without a current website of my own. And when I complete my website, I will utilize it at that time, as well? Any help would be appreciate. I’m an older gentleman who really needs the income in my retirement. Thanks.


I think there is alot of great tracking that people have described, but if you don’t love spreadsheets and numbers, it’s OK. Keep it simple. Those tools are great, but they won’t get you sales. Staying organized will only make you better after you get sales. You can use the task window on Fiverr and keep up with things fine. Just watch your mail for both regular messages and gig messages to make sure you don’t miss messages from clients you are working with.

Keep each project in it’s own folder listed by the user name of the client and the order date. I use this format. (sallie1234, 150312 - salon promo) I deliver the exact same name as the project folder name. If there is a revision, i add a letter to the name of the delivered master file: (sallie1234, 150312b - salon promo).

If you do not use the user name in the file name, you will deliver the wrong files to the wrong customers. This is the only way I was able to prevent that. It is a great way to double check as you are loading there delivery.

I use the star feature to mark people that I need to follow up on. I can quickly look through the mail and see if I forgot to do something.

I manually ledger how much work I complete on Fiverr each day on a 30 day calendar sheet. I usually can stay ahead of my queue. I have found that this is the best way to pace my output.


Reply to @ardicus: Just want to confirm if you get the download link after export is clicked? I never get the link to my mail.


Reply to @landongrace: Thank you for saying that! I don’t “get” spreadsheets at all! I have no problems keeping up using fiverr’s “TO DO” list and saving files using the name the client gave it on my computer. I just make sure I’m sending the right file to the right client by cross-checking it on the order page.

After a month, I delete most files because they take up a ton of space on my computer and nobody needs me to keep their documents anyway. If I would need them after a month because the client contacts me, the file is right there in the order they placed originally.

I should employ your calendar sheet, however, just to see what I do each day. Good idea! I could go into “manage sales” and look under my delivered orders here to get an idea though, too.


Reply to @landongrace:

In the legal world we name files the same way! You can only guess how many files are named “Power of Attorney”, so when saving a file we put it as “Power of Attorney.ClientName01.01.15” ; if there is a revision on the same date it is “Power of Attorney.ClientName01.01.15 v.2”. We also use the “file name and path” function on each document so that we can easily find it within the specific clients folder and go to the exact version of the doc we need.


Reply to @vainpaper:

Thank you so much for your offer vainpaper! I inboxed you for the spreadsheet template. I think the main thing for me is that I would see my hourly rate. Since I am a newbie I am creating lots of templates from scratch and I make sure that I have all the legal research right. So a doc I charge $15 for may take 3 hours to create because I am starting from the beginning. I want to see my increase in hourly rate once I have my templates created. For instance, I had an order completed yesterday for 3 types of docs, I did my research and fine tuned everything. Today I received another order for the same type of docs from another Buyer so my hourly rate will be much higher since I already have the templates and I can just tweak the docs as necessary. I am using this beginning stage as a learning period and taking it one step at a time.

Seeing how productive I am via a spreadsheet will make me fully aware of how efficient my Fiverr side business is. If Fiverr says I made $500, that $500 would mean a lot more if I were working 5 hours as opposed to 20 hours.


Reply to @writerlisaz: You really can do it all in Fiverr. On my paper calendar, I just write each order amount in the square as I deliver and circle a total on each day. At the end of the week, I write a total in the right hand margin, And then do a monthly totally at the bottom right hand corner. Then I staple the month sheets together. I don’t get fancy, these totally are before Fiverr fees, but they are good indicators to kind of push my momentum. On the back of my calendar i write a column 1-31 and next to each day, I write how much each day should post from the pending posts. That way I don’t have to go to five and look. I also don’t have to add all the daily figures up to see a posting day figure. Again, I certainly would not get an accounting job, but it really works.

I was focusing on monthly figures early on, then I realized I made more progress focusing on physical daily output. I can’t control revisions, and gigs taking three days to post complete. But I can control my daily deliveries. If I focus on this, the rest of the numbers seem to work.

I would try not to delete the files that quickly. Find a way to save them. My video clients come back for changes often (new phone numbers, addresses, offer details) and it is a real service to be able to create a new gig order with changes. I have an external drive. I even have it backed up on Carbonite. I provide alot of audio and video and my backup files for 18 months are about 400 gig right now on the external drive.


Reply to @landongrace: I do like the idea of having a second system to keep track, rather than relying solely on fiverr. Since fiverr has occasional bugs and meltdowns, it would make me feel more secure about tracking what I’ve done. And I’m still old-fashioned enough to like paper and pens! I’m going to try your system.

I really never have my proofreading and copyediting clients that come back to me for a document after a month. I did have ONE client ask me to re-send her document as a “clean copy” with “track changes” turned off. I could have done that via the document attached to her order, but since it was a very large document, I had kept it saved past the month’s time, and so I still had it. Now I send everything as two copies, with both “track changes” on and off. It seems in my line of work, saving projects isn’t too necessary. But I hope I don’t regret that! I will consider getting an external hard drive, as I should have one anyway.


Reply to @writerlisaz: You’re right. With a document delivery, you probably have everything you need in the final document file.