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How do you transition from your full time job to your Fiverr career full time?

When was the turning point for you? How do you do it when you work 40+ hours a week?

Full time freelance isn’t recommended for micro job websites - see the big deception for most TRS & Level 2 sellers after Fiverr 3.0 was released… You can’t leave decent from high unstable revenues of micro job websites.


I have spoken with many people on Fiverr who work full time here with little to no outside income. It gives me hope that I too can get to that point. It is possible though. :slight_smile:

with the new changes to fiverr and the influx of so many more sellers and reduction in buyers I think its hard to be making full time income through fiverr now.

At one point I was making great money but for the past month or two sales has dropped. If someone was solely using fiverr for income what would they do then?

It seems to be split between many sellers. Seems, possible, but no recommended.