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How do you view the Fiverr profile of forum users


Is there a way you can view or click to see the profile of users who post on the forum? When I click on the user’s name I am taken to their forum profile yet I want to see their gig profile. I have also noticed that some users have a gig profile link embedded in their forum profile. Are there special rules for these?

  • Username
  • Preference
  • Profile
  • Website (put a link/web to your profile here)


So it’s the manual process? Thanks alot for that clarification



When the forum 1st started, they had an autolink to everyone’s profile but took it away a few months later.

It was weird, I dunno why they stopped.


I wish they can bring it back. Sometime I am too lazy to do copy & paste thing. LOL


Lol! :slight_smile:

I know what you mean. It was really convenient, especially when I’m on my phone or tablet.


You do not understand seo and website coding at all?

it is easy.