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How do you withdraw? [EURO]

Hi everyone,
I’m using PayPal to withdraw but there’s a big problem.
I withdraw in USD but then PayPal force me to transfer the money in EURO to my bank account, applying a 3% fee on the conversion.

Is there some cheaper method to withdraw in Euro zones?
Thanks to all of you :grin:

Nobody can help me? :frowning:

Nobody’s here?

Does anyone know what is the conversion fee if I withdraw in EUR directly from fiver to PayPal? Is it lower than 3%?

Last month I did some math and it was 3.4%…

Thanks for your reply!
So both using Fiverr or PayPal to change from US to EUR would cost us around 3.5%? :sleepy:
Is there something to do to pay less fees?

Yep, I can’t promise it’s 100% correct, but that’s what I’ve gathered from my experience… the only thing we can do is wait for the exchange rates to go up. Right now they are pretty low, comparing to May. I’ve been waiting and waiting… lol

EDIT: you can always try Payoneer instead of Paypal, I never did because it sounds more complicated

EDIT 2: Do not try Payoneer: Attention ALL Payoneer users


I make use of payoneer. It’s very straight forward and easy to use. You can make use of it if it’s available in your country.

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I also withdraw with PayPal, last time I transferred to bank on 18 June the PayPal exchange was 89,09 USD = 76,92 EUR. The normal exchange would have been 89,09 USD = 79,45 EUR, so I lost 2,5 EUR. I don’t think there is any cheaper method. I keep all my money in PayPal anyway since I buy most things online. I only withdraw when I need to buy something on a website that doesn’t accept PayPal.

Paypal is the cheapest option. You pay a 2.5% exchange fee.

The only way around it, that I know of, would be to get in touch with somebody with an american Paypal account, send them the money in USD, have them get it on transfer wise or similar, exchange it there, and send you in euro. That way you avoid the 2.5% PayPal exchange fee. On a euro PayPal account they don’t allow you to get money out in USD, just to be able to rob you, plain and simple.


Where did you get the 2.5% fee? I can’t remember how I calculated it, but my conclusion was 3.4%.

EDIT: nevermind, I found where they say 2.5%. Still, I don’t understand that fee. It doesn’t add up to all the calculations I did after months of converting dollars to euros. Oh well.

Can you tell me where you find the 2.5% info? As I looked everywhere and did not find…
I’ve done a first withdrawal and the conversion fee in Fiverr was 3.5%
Now I wanted to do a second one, and my calculation shows 3.5% as well.
What is weird is that what I see in the green box in EUR next to my profil picture, does not match the ‘available for withdrawal’ in USD if I convert it in EUR…

Hi! I saw your message and I’ve been trying to find it again and I just can’t. It’s like Paypal is trying really hard to hide it from us, it’s super annoying…

I remember it was on their oficial site and it had the rates depending on the countries… but I’m having a hard time finding it again! :roll_eyes:

However, if you google “paypal exchange rate” lots of other sites say it’s 2.5%. This is really confusing to me…

Yes, it is confusing…
Actually the 3.5% rate I calculated was in Fiverr when withdrawing Fiverr money in EUR to Paypal.
So the rate I had was 1 USD = 0.85 EUR including exchange rate and conversion fee.
I’ve just seen on Paypal page that they propose a rate of 1 USD = 0.86 EUR ‘including Paypal conversion fee’.
So tonight it looks better withdrawing from Fiverr to Paypal in EUR. But I guess it can change…

Do you know if it’s possible to set the gig price in EUR?
So I will earn the same amount not depending on the exchange fluctuations

Unfortunately no :frowning: you can SEE them in Euro (there’s an option down there on the right, when you do a search) but on Fiverr we are paid in American Dollars.

The 2.5% is their exchange fee which is built into the exchange rate, it tells you that, and the current exchange rate every time you withdraw US$ to € to your bank account, the exchange rate is something around 1 USD = 0.8165 EUR (my last withdrawal), below where you see “You will get xxx €”, before you send the money to your bank account.

I think on their page, you’ll just find the fees but not the rate, as that changes all the time.

But you’ll be shown the current rate and the € you’ll receive before you finalize the withdrawal, so you can still row back and wait some days or however long if you think the rate might get better before you’ll have to withdraw.

(The fee, I think, depends on the country and some other things, at least I saw different fees when I checked the page or ToS, or wherever it’s listed the last time, so it might not be 2.5% for everyone.)

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Question. I have 100 USD on Fiverr ready to be transferred to Paypal. I want Paypal to receive USD, but it changes to EUR. Is this due to settings on Fiverr or on Paypal? Because I set all on USD.
And if I need money on Paypal, I will not withdraw it on the bank, the conversion between Fiverr and Paypal is 2.5-4%?
So I would get 96$ converted in EUR? Or what is the math?

It’s really not hard to google “How to reduce PayPal conversion fees”

I personally transfer USD from Fiverr to PayPal, then from PayPal to Transferwise and then from Transferwise I convert USD to PLN and send those to my polish back account. This way I get 2$ fee only as I remember? instead of 2.5% and low exchange rate

// By the way if you have problem with anything - google it, works in 99% cases :wink:

I can’t withdraw in USD, even if my bank account is in USD

Are you talking to me? 진지하게?

I do not need conversion fees, I am not going to take money from Paypal. I never take money from Paypal, I put money on it. Why would I need money on the bank? If I had 100$ on Fiverr and by transferring to Paypal set in USD and get 96$ that is not conversion.
For some unknown reason, I transferred USD to USD and it turned in to euros.