How do your seller profile stats look? Here is mine (Top Rated Seller)


Hi all! There are a lot of you that often wonder what others’ profile stats are like as compared to your own…thought I would kick it off by providing mine. :wink: This is with almost 11,000 completed orders.

We all know the response rate is a fickle feature so if you think you are responding to every message promptly only to have your response rate drop, contact support and they can put a refresh on it to determine the actual rate.

On-Time is the most important here, and I might have one or two a month go late at mostly, usually not my fault, but it does happen. Just don’t let it happen all of the time and avoid it altogether if you can…

Who is doing their part? Let’s see yours so others can see what the bar is and what is expected!
Looking forward to the replies…



Ahmm Ahmm… :wink:


Very nice! Keep up the great work! The more orders you get, the harder it becomes to maintain that perfection but you are doing a wonderful job so far!


Yeah you are right. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Please note that since 1/1/17, late deliveries have a more serious impact on gig’s position in search results.

So getting it to 100% and keeping it there, would be priority #1 for me.


Totally agree, however when you also focus on low cancellations, some buyers who lack info or response can push an order to go late, but Fiverr’s ‘high-quality’ threshold is 95%+ so although 100% is always better, it won’t impact you until it goes below that number…and so on. What are your full stats Frank?


Sure. I think with fiverr’s new resolution center tools you can easily add more days with buyers who mess up. If you catch it early.

I know about the 95% threshold however thst info came straight from my success manager over at fiverr, so maybe thy changed something.

Otherwise he wouldn’t have given me the heads up.

I have a 1hr response time and everything is one handy :stuck_out_tongue: except my on time which sits at 99% for another 5 days or so.


Here’s Mine. Hoping To Make It Better in 2017! :smile:



Same here for the jump to 99% on-time, regardless of the parameter threshold, 100% down the line is the goal and should be for all sellers, but with sooo many messages daily in the inbox, combined with messages in the orders, I may let a message slip that didn’t need my immediate attention or no attention at all, spammers kill this for me as I try to get to em before Fiverr does to reply, and then remark as spam but sometimes Fiverr gets to em first and I have no way of replying to those at all:(. All around proud of my stats for the high volume of gigs & messages I complete monthly, but I am happy to see all of these achievers maintaining their 100%'s and proudly displaying them here for new sellers to see as well as those who aren’t up to standards to see that it CAN BE DONE!! :wink:


Looks good Don! Keep up the solid work sir!


Way to go helpers!!! Stay the course!


Here’s mine. only offering 1 gig since I joined fiverr. :slight_smile:


Thanks Sports…I had to take about a week to myself to breath, Focus and Get Back Into GRIND Mode! Every little bit of motivation in this community of talented people keeps me on my toes, from your comment, to the challenges of being a seller, to the great competition of other sellers, designers, developers and the like…to the way that Fiverr Staff ALWAYS keeps this platform Relevant and Necessary! This is the year my business Reaches six figures…starting Right Here!



These are my UPDATED Stats! Blessings To Fiverr Staff. They Really Are Paying Attention fellow sellers.
So, Keep Your Profiles, Gigs, Communication, and Activity Tight! Thanks again To The Team. Their Tips Helped Me!!!:alarm_clock:

Blessings-Don :satellite::money_with_wings: