How do Youtube Views Sellers are able to Sell that Cheap?


So I was searching google to look for sites that sells youtube views until I came across some views sellers here on fiverr. So I browsed for gigs and I was surprised that for only $5, they can send 20k views in just 1 or 2 days. I was thinking, well, that’s insane. So due to curiosity, I went searching how and where they get cheap views (trying to know the direct supplier) then until I found this site that claims to have a working youtube views script and secret method used by fiverr sellers. I searched google for reviews about the site but I can’t find any info. I don’t know of anyone that has tried them or if they even work, so i would like to get some feedback from anyone that have actually tried it. I would highly appreciate if anyone could shed light on this matter. Thanks in advance.


I believe you’re right. Yes, its against youtube’s TOS and kind of risky for business.

Thanks by the way for reminding the external link rule. I have removed it already.