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How does 1 cancellation affect you?


I have never felt the need to cancel an order before until now, although Fiverr’s TOS is a little gray on what exactly happens when you cancel as a seller.

I do Tarot gigs, and I already did one reading for my buyer. She quickly requested another one, to which I asked her if she is sure that she wants to do another in less than 24 hours (Tarot ethics dictate a 3-6 month waiting period to prevent ‘tarot addiction’ but since I’m a newbie to professional reading, I go with ‘48 hours’). I explained to her that maybe she should wait a day or two to see if anything new comes up in her life.

I got a veryyyyyyyy long response that I did not know her or her intentions and that her first reading was just to ‘test’ my skills and that since I had passed, she had new questions for me. She also told me how bad my business was because I would dare to even ask if she is sure, even after I had explained to her the ethical reasons behind it. All I did was ask- no lecture- nothing.

It is looked down upon in the Tarot world to just take someone’s money and repeatedly read for them in short amounts of time because then you are doing it for money, not out of love of the art. I also explained to her that I did not read for money. I did it for personal enjoyment. There are PLENTY of websites out there where I could be making $5 a minute, if I truly cared for the business of it. I love the Fiverr community and getting feedback gives me butterflies in my stomach, as cheesy as it sounds and that is why I do it here instead of anywhere else.

I really feel like I should cancel this order because she will probably give me negative feedback just because I even asked her to. She is the first person to react this way, out of many of my buyers I have offered a choice to. Most of them graciously took their $5 back and told me a few days later that the answer just came to them. I figured I was doing the right thing by not pocketing their money.

So what happens? I already lost my express tag once for a warning (which I JUST got back, thanks to the support team) and I am 2 weeks away from possibly getting Level 1. I do not want to jeopardize that. I am pretty positive that even if I delivered again, she is going to give me a thumbs down. =/

TL;DR:: What are the consequences of a seller cancelling an order?


If she gives you a thumbs down then you will most likely be able to challenge it anyway if the feedback is plain wrong. If you cancel it yourself then you will get a negative feedback on your gig page, although what it is for will not be visible. If you request a mutual cancellation then there will no repercussions unless you have a high amount of cancellations to orders completed ratio (I don’t know that that ratio is)


Reply to @ryangillam: Exactly why Ryan said.