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How does 3 days countdown work if the buyer doesn't respond?

So I delivered my work. The buyer didn’t respond yet which is normal I presume. Everyone has their schedule. So I wait.

3 days passed and I notice no change in the status bar on top:

This order will be marked as complete in 3 days. Two full days have passed after delivery and the day count doesn’t show any change.

I understand this to be a safeguard feature. I am doing my research as a new guy, but there are still lots of things to learn about the site mechanics.

Perhaps I simply missed something?

Does the 3 days countdown begin after gig delivery deadline expires or after the work delivery (in this case earlier than deadline)?

When someone orders something the delivery countdown starts.

When you deliver the job, it stops.

If they ask for a revision, it starts again.

After you have delivered the job, it will post completed when the customer excepts it as complete or 3 days have past with no response.

When you redeliver for any reason, the 3 day completion clock starts over.

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Reply to @landongrace: Right to the point!

Reply to @landongrace: I see. Thank you for such clear answer.

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks. So I take this caching error is about what I see on my browser and it doesn’t affect the countdown on fiverr platform then?


There is a strange thing happening… 3 days limit has passed since 3 hours after delivering the project and when I clicked on “resolution center” there they mentioned that order will be marked complete in next 2 hours…
when I again checked after an hour I saw “order will be marked complete in 4 hours” and finally just checked a while ago and was amazed to find that “order will be marked complete in 6 hours” :frowning:

Can someone figure out whats going on? each time I check they increase 2 hours. The buyer is communicating with me but didn’t marked order as complete

UPDATE: Finally after 6 hours its marked as completed. Yesss (Y)

Thank you for this concise explanation!