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How does a buyer add a gig extra to an existing order?

I have a buyer that would like to add a gig extra to an existing order. I have had customers do this before so I know it is an option. However, neither me or this buyer know where this option is. Can someone tell me what direction to point this buyer?



There are a few ways for a buyer to add extras.

  1. Hover over the green “order now” button at the top of the Gig page. A check box will appear where they may select the extras that they want.

  2. On the Gig page, scroll down below the Gig description to see a list of Gig extras.

  3. If an order was already placed and your buyer wishes add extras to the order, they can do so by going to the order page and selecting the extras listed there.

    Hope this helps!

I am trying to add a gig to my existing order but I do not see where to add extras to the order as stated above in item #3. Are there any other options to add extras to an existing order?

OMG - SO frustrating. Fiverr, can you not pay someone a fiver to sort this out?!! There is no straightforward way for met to pay my seller extra gig money for a medium sized project. This should be sooooo much easier. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Can anyone help?

I am a buyer. I have an active project and would like to give the seller more money as agreed for a medium sized project but cannot figure this out.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Easily done on desktop but the mobile app will not let you. Pretty ridiculous.

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