How does a buyer choose a seller?


For a new buyer, how do I know i am paying the right designer? Would it not make more sense to post a need and have designers bid for it? I am worried about paying $100 for a promise of someone I don’t know on the other side of the world.
Any tips from you seasoned buyers on how to choose a designer?


Very Simple! If you have any doubt then ask for work examples from your seller at the description you type to request bids from them.


Try to Give full information about what you want to get from seller , Then Check his/her Full Profile for Reviews then you will get a Good idea Then you can Purchase with a Best Service with Best Price


You’re talking about the buyers request section. I’d say if you want to see bids, post in there. Also definitely check out some profiles though; a lot of experienced sellers don’t need to respond to buyers requests to get orders.