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How does a BUYER review a GIG?

I am a complete Beginner. I would like to know how a BUYER submits a or produces a REVIEW on a completed GIG?

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Hi Vincent.

This page explains it:

If you click on “Buyer Help Center” top left on that same page, you´ll get a list of a lot of informational articles to help people new to Fiverr. And welcome to the forum!

Ah, you can find a completed order if you click Buying > Orders > Completed, and then the order you want to rate.

Miilla: Thank you for your response. I must confess I was very surprised how quick it was

You´re welcome. On the forum, you´ll usually get fast responses. But for some matters, anything that has to do with your account specifically, you´ll need to contact Customer Support.

You can find a lot of answers to questions you might have in said “Buyer (respectively Seller) Help Center” though, it´s pretty useful to at least skim all that in the first days. Can help to avoid trouble. :slight_smile:

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