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How does a gig get featured?

I just got this gig featured in my fiverr homepage:

And checked. It had no orders, and the seller offering this service had no response time or review of any kind.

So, what does it take for a gig to get into the fiverr homepage? Or is it just random for every user?

No one knows for sure except Fiverr staff and they don’t say much on this topic. The gig you linked isn’t featured, though. Featured gigs have a pink “featured” tag. A lot of what shows up on my home page is related to gig types I’ve been looking at. If I look at graphics gigs, I’ll see gigs in that category for a while. It’s not a bug. Your post might go better in Conversations.

By the way, linking to someone else’s gig isn’t as strictly a forum rules violation as linking your own gig in non-ad-space but in a way, you are now advertising the gig you linked. More people clicking on it could help keep it visible, so keep that in mind.

I checked and it is not now featured so maybe it was just temporary.

Then probably the homepage gigs are different based on every user’s preferences
(Even tho I haven’t searched for graphic or design)

In my category for the entire 3 years I’ve been here there has been a gig that’s stayed featured in first place both on the highly rated and recommended pages the whole time. No obvious reason for it.