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How does a new seller with no review on front page

Good evening fellow freelancers,
Today I try to check where my gig is on the search page but to my notice, A new seller who has no review, no order was on the front page. I was blown away,
Where and how does that happen?

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Newbies need their 15minutes of fame as well :wink:
It’s by design to give new sellers a chance.


It seems to be totally random.

If you’re talking about the newest gigs category page, you’ll have to be patient. Your gig should be listed there, but only AFTER it is reviewed and approved by Fiverr. If your gig isn’t listed on that newest gigs page, then it probably hasn’t been reviewed yet.

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I am talking about average reviewed gigs? what you say to that. a seller that has no review on any of his gig

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Just search the forum for the word ‘algorithm’ and then never mention it again - shhhhhhh! :open_mouth: