How Does a Pro Sell Track Their Order Revenue?


We built an IFTTT applet that every fiverr seller can start using now.

The problem with IFTTT & Fiverr is there is no Date field when you receive orders from your customers. There is only a Delivery Date.

Today, we have solved this and wanted to share this applet to automate your sales revenue.


  1. Install the applet on IFTTT: Install me here!

Search for “Fiverr Sales Dashboard” if you want to find it manually.

  1. Connect Fiverr & Google Sheets

  2. Take a coffee break.

Now, you will have a spreadsheet with all of your order information INCLUDING a Date column!

We made a useful Google Data Studio dashboard of all of our sales information. Let us know if you want to use this too



Mod Note: This post reflects the experience/practice of @zimamedia and may not reflect that of other Pro sellers. Fiverr does endorse the use of IFTTT. Read more here.