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How Does a Seller Collect Once Work Done When Buyer Used DamnQuickPay?


Orders were placed by Buyer. I, Seller, completed and delivered work. Buyer signed up for DamnQuickPay. On my end (Seller) reflects pending revenue. What do I or the buyer have to do to make DamnQuickPay release the funds to me?

Do I also have to sign up for DamnQuickPay?

Do I have to link my PayPal account to Fiverr somehow?



Payments are automatically cleared in 14 days after the gig has been marked completed. You are level 1 and did not figure this out yet? :-B


I understand the 14 day period for regular payments, but in theory, DamnQuickPay should be different and faster.


The DamnQuickPay is only for Buyers convenience. You can activate and whenever you want to buy a gig you can just click on order and the amount will be automatically pulled without logging into your paypal account. This has nothing to do with the sellers clearance period. I hope that clarifies the theory.


Ah hah. Thanks. I guess that I should have figured that out. After all, it is not called “GetPaidDamnQuick.” :slight_smile: Thanks.


^ haha…

that’s funny…