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How does a Team account option helpful for sellers?

I am little confused about the team account. I gone through the details and found that through team account, we can create over own team and and have to fund it from our own fiverr account. I want to know that

How does it will help sellers to grow because the funds we invest will help us to purchase other sellers gigs not helping us to sell our gig?
Looking forward for the great advice…Please Help sellers to grow!! Thankyou


Hey. Team accounts are not meant for sellers. :wink: Then are for buyers, for example a company where multiple people are buying on Fiverr (for company), so they can have joint wallet.

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Ok got it now…Thankyou…But don’t you think it can be a good feature for sellers as well?

Yes, I think it would be better feature for sellers than it is for buyers. :slight_smile: It would be great if for example I could connect with amother designer and web developer into team and then offer complete website design and development together. :wink:


Who will pay who? and what will happen in the case of a disappointed client? Lets say you connect with another seller, the buyer pays fiverr, the funds are split in two, then the buyer loves one seller’s work and hates the other, will the buyer be forced to go and look for a different seller. This will introduce a lot of complication in a simple order.


It cannot be like who pay whom…It must be a team work like other business do and the payment can be distributed to all sellers on percentage basis….May be like a formation of a company. It must be based on overall package. Not just a design work or any individual work.
For example, if any project need a designer, developer and marketing person at one place to work as a team then only instead of handling all of them separately buyer will go for team account.

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You can do that already if you wish and it happens all the time now.

People order from a whiteboard or video creator. In their options, there is a voice over extra. When someone orders a VO for their video, if they need a female, many contact me and I handle that part of the project. That same video seller may hire a script writer.

I’ve had it work the other way too. I have some who need a script writer for their voice over, and I subcontract that to a few people I trust based on them hiring me and working with them over a set of gigs. (I’ve seen the quality of their scripts, and the way they communicate… so I hire them when appropriate.)

Having Fiverr split the payments means far more accounting for them, with little return.

Maybe they will add that feature, but you can offer a gig right now that uses a team to finish it. Totally up to you.

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I agree…but that is just my (inappropriate) idea i think…but there must be some other way which experts can find out to make it convenience for both buyers and sellers to work in a team and also beneficial to fiverr.

Suppose someone has a team who serve offline having a small office. The team joined Fiverr with a view to getting international customer. Now having an individual account the team leader wants other members to help find the customer and increase sales. Would not it be beneficial for them if they have a team account as sellers? Ain’t there any space on Fiverr for this kind of team or doers?

I presume in this case there won’t be any issue of payment. Team leader or owner will deal with other members as to payment.


This is exactly what I am looking for. I hope one day people at fiverr come to know the importance of it and add that feature. When gigs are offered by a team they can be much more efficient.

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