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How does an unrated chibi get on first page, yet some "real" gigs and leveled sellers not?


Ok so scrolling through the top pages I see grandma yay! she is great and a top rated seller. Then you seeI will draw a chibi or some wierd cartoon gig thats been a member a week. What about va gigs? Tech gigs etc? You see only a few top reated sellers make it. When potential first time buyers come, all they see is the fluff(grandma…you aren’t fluff you are top rated and good “catch” material) but if all pple see is the fun gigs, then what if they are looking for serious work? Why don’t they include more “core” gigs…And while I am ranting about this, I have seen and posted comments lately that the orders are down. I don’t understand this. I know the competing ads,.lulls happen but really, is something going on?


Ok. I don’t mean to offend any one. When I said “serious” I mean like the tech stuff…I know a lot of work goes into the art and music and fun stuff also, I am hooked on the violin man I will listen to his stuff just to listen and wish I could afford him for a gift for my dad. but meaning…thats ALL that is there.


The front page should be a mix of newbies, top sellers, tech, arts, crafts and unusual stuff. Frankly the tech/SEO/backlink stuff bores me to tears as a buyer (yeah, I really want 10,000 fake FB followers that disappear after a week and 300,000 apathetic Twitter followers not caring about my business link … not.)

I’m sure a lot of casual surfers/potential buyers want to see the gamut of what Fiverr has to offer which is very diverse, not to mention that only showcase top-sellers is really unfair and short-sighted in the long run. New blood/unique gigs/diversity is where it’s at for a smart site.


Although nobody knows exactly how the system works, the one thing that is known is this.

When you post your new gig you are somewhere on top, usually.

But, as new gigs are added to Fiverr, slowly your gig moves down to allow new gigs to be on top. This is so everyone has a decent shot at selling their gig.

There are exceptions, and featured sellers are always at the very top, but they have to do this so new gigs get the same exposure you got when your gig was new and up higher in the search results.

You’re gig started higher up, and as more people add gigs they get their shot higher in the ranks as well… until more gigs push them down.


Reply to @crcanny: I agree about the followers and have asked about that in the past, apparently it is a bot/program. Those have been up there to. But if you look, it is mostly new pple and top rated sellers there not many level ones and twos! if you put all fluff, how are pple spsd to know the wide variety that fiverr offers? I do writing gigs etc …and some of it is just wierd stuff…one or two is ok they are eye catchers, what I am asking is …how do people know the variety if they are just a web surfer that landed on the page or clicked on a banner ad? The first thing they see is I will do anything as jesus or dress a super Mario…yes, eyecatchers and cute but what about a few things that are more serious?


Reply to @bigbadbilly: thanks, that makes sense, but do the older sellers ever get pushed back up? if you are at that point how do you get more sales? i try facebook,twitter and am a member of linkedin. What do you do to get sales when you are at the bottom of the list?


Reply to @katylady77: Just looking at the front page now, it is a little novelty heavy, but – with an emphasis on graphics, vids, voiceovers, songs and art – however, I see writing gigs, business logo designs, an offer to fix css/html errors. Maybe they have the novelty-loving editors on for the holiday weekend, however, I don’t believe this is normally the case – although Fiverr has never been anything but upfront that the quirkier the gig is, with lots and lots of video, the more they like it.

OTOH, I’ve seen those writing/backlink/Twitter/SEO/tech gigs have queues hundreds long, so, there’s that too …


It’s tough. If you choose not to openly promote your gig to friends you’re left with counting on repeat customers.

If you get your ratings up, and keep a good feedback record you will begin to move up in the search results using the “Sort by rating” tab. That’s where your hard work pays off. Because the “Sort by rating” tab is directly effected by your score, delivery time and what ever you do. Keep a great record with good feedback and you’ll move up in that area. And trust me when I say, people DO use the “Sort by rating” tab.

Aside from that, you can request a “Bump” in the category search results from the Fiverr support staff. I did it about 8 months ago and they were kind enough to put me on the first page for a day or so. Then you begin to move down again.

But, keep in mind, if you request a “temporary bump” they don’t have to do it. If the Fiverr editors feel you deserve it, have kept a good record and are generally a nice person they may do it. Or they may not. It’s up to them and the type of gig you have and your record. It’s a nice gesture if they do it, but like I said. They simply may not want to if you don’t send a respectful, well written message, and have a good gig.

But what’s the worst that can happen? They say no and life goes on. :wink:


Reply to @crcanny: thanks, I am new to this and gotcha.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: Thanks, I may do that. I do have a 100% rating and strive to OD, not just to get more sales , but because that is who I am. Eventually I will move back up. So if honesty, hard work and good scores do help in the ranking that is good, because I try to do my best every time!


Reply to @madmoo: thanks for explaining so well. I do respond to most if not all the requests page that I fell I can complete. I do facebook and twitter and need to get more active on Linkedin …I am also going to look more closely at pinterest. I don’t understand you tube other than watching videos, so I will have to research that. Thanks for the tips!


Honestly, I don’t know how I ended up on the front page… I think it may have to do with the fact that I did over 80 gigs in less than 3 weeks because I don’t really change my tags or my gig description. I also did not even put up a video until yesterday because my iphone is stupid.

I think that the staff puts things on the front page that they think would bring new users and more potential buyers to the site, quite honestly.


For me, I do NOT advertise or do anything to get orders, as this is filler work for me not my full time gig. I tend to have “spurts” of orders, which is when I am featured. That is fine by me. Also, don’t look past repeat customers, they are 50% of my business!!


Anyone know how the “Sort by rating” feature works? I can’t seem to find my gigs there even if my rating and amount of positive reviews is better than those that are listed there. The gig’s ages are about the same.


I don’t think I have seen my gigs on the front page yet, maybe when I first put them up, but not since then. I do writing gigs, so probably less likely to be featured; one week I had 60 orders, so it is possible to get large amounts of orders without being on the first page, but it would be fun to see my gigs there too! And of course receive TRS! :smiley:


Reply to @fourtowers: I do writing gigs to and virtual assistant, I will be happy to get to level two:)


Reply to @mrspanda: I realize after re-reading my rant it came off as rude. there are some awesome artists on fiverr and the chibi is cute and may order one for my son next sept for his birthday. My point was that there should be a better mix of stuff…


Reply to @katylady77: It will definitely happen that you will reach level 2! Just keep up the good work and soon you will see the Level 2 badge!


Reply to @fourtowers: Thanks!