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How does Buyer/Payer protection work?

Hi everyone,

Would anyone please be so kind to give me link with description about having a protection as a buyer? Particularly I am referring to the time after I purchase particular listing (seller’s service). Would like to know how can I be sure that seller won’t run away with my money or ignore me and never provide what I pay for. Is there any kind of escrow/milestone system? Trying to find explanation on this. Link would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Sellers can’t run off with your funds. When payment is submitted for a particular gig it takes 14 days for those funds to clear after a job is submitted and marked complete. There’s no guarantee about seller/buyer communication. In the TOS under the Buyer section, it explains how to go about gigs from a buyers stand point.

Other than that there’s not many official articles but there are forum posts on the topic. You can also contact Customer Support and inquire about standard practices in regards to funds security.

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When a buyer order, he paid his money and if the seller cant fulfill his order completely he may ask for refund by opening a dispute or by CS